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    Federal Fusion

    I use to shoot those through my 25-06 before I started reloading. They are great hunting bullets if you want a pass threw. I shot a few mule deer and one black bear and had pass threws everytime. Shot the broadside bear in the shoulder joint and it blew right threw both shoulders. Exit was about...
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    Caliber choice for 600 yards

    It's fine now, until it's not anymore.
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    Caliber choice for 600 yards

    What's your speed with that 22" barrel?
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    Caliber choice for 600 yards

    Almost any cartridge would work for what your asking of it. Personally I'd want a cartridge that's pretty flat for hunting. I'd go with a 6.5 prc. 140's at 2950 is about perfect. Mild recoil, decent barrel life, plenty of bullet weight for even elk when needed.
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    7mm cartridges

    No way I'd be packing a 12lb rifle when limiting myself for 600 yards.
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    7mm cartridges

    One particular 7mm cartridge isn't going to be more accurate. What you need to do is look at the rifle itself
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    Sighting in new Huskemaw on 300 wsm

    Hopefully not your hunting partner 🤠
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    Sub 2k long range hunting scope?

    I'd go with a mark 5hd
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    are carbon fiber barrels the wave of the future?

    I think the cool factor may be over in a few more years as more companies are beginning to use them. It is nice to have a barrel that is sendero contour without all that weight
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    Help with load development

    I've personally seen a scope do this
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    Tikka ctr

    I haven't weighed the bare rifle but it's definitely huntable
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    Help with load development

    I wouldn't rule it out
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    7mm lrm

    The lrm is all but dead. Go 28 nosler or go 7rm. The lrm is different if your looking for that unique cool factor but I'd do yourself a favor and go another route.
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    Help with load development

    I'd throw in another scope and check again. Check the torque on everything while your at it. If it's still doing it then I'd go back to factory ammo and see if it continues to shoot good or if it suffers the same.

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