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    26 Nosler Reloading Dies/Brass price reduced

    Sold all together, Redding 3 piece premium die set 69 brass, good condition 2 Lee case trimmers Hornady overall case length gage $150 shipped (US only) Joe
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    Glock 10mm bear loads

    Best of luck on your hunt. If you haven't already considered, please keep the gun accessible, not buried in your pack. Also, carefully weigh which holster to use. I personally like a chest holster because I can get at it while curled up in a fetal position even if the bear is already chewing...
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    School me on copper bullets

    I used to shoot Barnes a lot but don't much anymore. IMO, plusses and minuses. Plus: - It is copper, not lead. Less toxic. - Great penetration. - Great weight retention. Below pic, 180 grain TTSX after pulled from elk. Straight on shot, close range. Minuses: - It is copper, so it is...
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    Who has killed lots of elk with a 6.5 mm bullet?

    Best guess is about 3400 fps (26" barrel with 8.5" twist). It is a new rifle and I was shooting Accubond Trophy Grade to get me started, zeroed at 200. I'm still putting together my equipment for reloading the 26. My plan is to hand load 143 gr ELD X so if anyone has a load for that I would...
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    Who has killed lots of elk with a 6.5 mm bullet?

    I shot a cow this year with my 26 Nosler (140 gr. Accubond). 285 yds, good broadside hit. It ran about 100 yards. I wouldn't want to try a shoulder shot.
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    New here....

    Hello all, glad to be here. I live in Montana and big game hunt, primarily archery but also with the rifle. My main rifle is a Vanguard .300 WSM and am working up a new load for that rifle. I also will be working on a new load for my Ruger youth Model 77 .243. Any help with reloading and...