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    6.5x284 load development

    Small sample size? Shoot 5 or 7 shot groups alternating loads in the magazine.
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    14yo Girl from Kansas kills Record Whitetail

    Score over 240!! With 42 points. Don’t call her Windy!
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    What Barrel Length and Twist for a 270WSM Build

    24”. And for the twist rate I would use Berger’s twist rate calculator with the heaviest (longest length) bullet I intended to use with it. I max out at a 150 gr Berger VLD. The 175 gr Elite Hunter is a no no. I would need a 1 twist in 8 inch barrel to shoot them...
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    Witt Machine Clamp on Muzzle Brake

    I actually had a gunsmith look at my barrel and recommend that we not thread the barrel because of how thin it is at the muzzle. And how it looks, I couldn't care less.
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    Witt Machine Clamp on Muzzle Brake

    I've put one on my Tikka T3 270 WSM but haven't shot it yet. One of my concerns is with galling of the two metal surfaces with the heated barrel. Did anyone use anti-seize or similar when putting the muzzle brake on the barrel?
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    Best gun rights group

    Red, I am disheartened by what I have heard and read about what is going on with the NRA and it's finances. I'm a Patriot Life Benefactor member and have given significantly to the NRA to defend our 2nd Amendment Rights. Here is a list from Pew Pew Tactical...
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    Just a recommendation. Go over to GB and pay the fees for a deal like that. A Deal like this is simply trolling on this forum. IMHO. Have a Merry Christmas in the Spirit of Giving!
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    Sainty Claws came Early.

    I've heard various opinions and I don't have anything that I use those powders for experience. I heard the same about Reloder 19. I use it for my 160 gr Partitions (Elk Load) for my 270 WSM. I reloaded in Arkansas and Killed an Elk at about 9500 ft in Wyoming. The load seems to maintain it's...
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    Sainty Claws came Early.

    I'm not saying you're wrong about that or that I would bet against you. But I do hope you are wrong about that. This endless cycle of crises is fatiguing. Merry Christmas by the way!
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    I thought it was cute. First member I've put on ignore. That's just wrong and against the spirit of the board as I've seen it work.
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    Sainty Claws came Early.

    And to you as well! Surely 2021 is going to be a better year than 2020!
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    Sainty Claws came Early.

    Got some Reloder 25 in for my 338 RUM project for my Montana Rifle Co Model 1999 X3 project. Planning on using it with some Berger 250 gr VLD Hunting bullets.
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    Texas AG sues Cheaper than Dirt for price gouging

    I remember the March after Sandy Hook, they had 30 round P-Mags for AR-15's for $125 each. They are well known price gougers.