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    Suzuki king quad...reliable?

    I'd say buy it !!! Great friend has a new 2015/2016 500 King Quad Automatic transmission , Oh what a great machine ,mines 2004 Vinson 500 automatic transmission limited edition and she's been Fantastic and Ultra Reliable ,my friends is more down/sized from mine and more nimble rides like a...
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    30-30 loading 180 grain

    Congrat's on you 30/30 Bolt rifle ,its a great rifle & Cartridge combo, the 180's will work have fun , but do try the lighter 30 cal bullets by Speer, Sierra Barnes ,Nosler & Hornady , 125's threw 150's , lots of untapped fun there also, Cheers and enjoy that Bolt!!!
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    Sous vide pork belly for lunch ...

    Very nice ,as always !!! Thks Cheers bac!
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    100 or 200 Yard Zero???

    All great answers , I've been useing the 200 yd Zero ,but it depends where I'm hunting ,of course I test and shoot longer on the range to verfy drops just in case &then write it down on paper and tape it to my rifles stock , I also take my range finder with me ,cause it's Better then guessing...
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    Drilling hole in Redding sizing die

    Personally I don't Believe in spray lube ,I roll them on a pad with proper case lube that way it's even not gobbed up in one area ,(spay can) . Half my dies are RCBS , other half Redding , use an RCBS lube & their pad , your friend needs to clean his brass and Anneal them that in itself goes...
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    7mm 120g Hammer Hunter

    great new's thk you SIR!!!:cool:
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    Drilling hole in Redding sizing die

    if he drills it itll Void his warrenty , tell friend to call company , good advice above , lead dat horse to water .
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    Brux barrels

    two Friends have 4 Brux bbl.'s their Fantastic & Top tier!!!
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    Need help and suggestions for moa rail and rings Current setup wont work

    I use burris Signature Zee rings and they mate to a pic /rail Or weaver steel Or aluminum bases , Burris's Zee rings with plastic inserts will not scratch and hold great ,nitforce used to make a sell two piece 20 moa bases, ive got two sets 700/sa & 700/la , like said above if you get the...
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    .270-8x68 with 180 grain Woodleigh bullet

    thks Lee, dats one a guy will never forget, nicely told !!!, cheers ps your 270's enuff wit dat 180 ;)
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    .270-8x68 with 180 grain Woodleigh bullet

    Hi Lee Goodwin, could you Please up date us on your hunt with your 270 bullets , thks and Cheers
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    Coyote calling surprise!!!!!

    Congrats again !!! ………...only wish I could walk them MTN'S with you , thks for the Great story n pix's , thk's Len for featuring it! Cheers to a REAL Mtn Man!!!
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    Reloader 26 at midsouth

    GREED is Wrong ,doesn't help anyone!!!
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    .2-.3 100 yard cold bore challenge

    tagging in ,Watching and Excited for Everyone :cool::cool::cool: cheers
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    Husqvarna 9000 270

    congrats its Beautiful ,thks for the pictures !! ,cheers!