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    Want To Buy UPDATE to...all PA members...

    Thanks, I just texted you my info.
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    Want To Buy UPDATE to...all PA members...

    Is the 312 (Illinois) area code correct? Just want to verify you didn't mean 412 (Pittsburgh) before texting to join.
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    H-S Precision PLC Long Range Carbon Fiber Rifle

    I have the SPR in 280 Rem (I tried talking them into a 280 Ackley, but it wasn't a SAAMI cartridge yet) and it's a tack driver. Not sure about the carbon wrap, but my guess is they are doing it themself. Everything on their guns are built in house other than the optional Timney trigger.
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    Savage needs to buy a scale or fire attorneys

    Not sure where the 11lb figure is coming from. According to the Savage website the Impulse rifles range from 8.4-8.8 pounds. What is strange is that Savage lists all 3 versions at 3.63kg, which is 8lb on the nose. Still a fairly heavy rifle, but not unmanageable.
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    Postal match

    A postal match has unlimited possibilities. Are you thinking from a bench, prone or possibly even 3P to simulate hunting positions? Both the NRA & CMP will sanction postal matches, but only if you are following one of their official courses of fire. But it would not be difficult to organize a...
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    really dumb question im sure... but.... 300 h and h to 338 winmag

    I love the idea, but at 52.5% heavier than walnut, that's going to me a very heavy stock for a 12 year old. Have you considered a dyed laminate stock instead?
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    Carbon fiber stock build

    Using your 3d printed foam core I understand the overlap and how the seems works perfectly. I was questioning the seams if doing the the CF layup directly to the 2 piece molds and using an inflatable bladder to finish form it. Hope to see more of your project soon.
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    Carbon fiber stock build

    I suggest watching the following video of Sako making their carbon fiber stocks. To duplicate their exact process would likely be cost prohibitive, but it provides some great insight on what could work.. Adopting their method of using a CF sleeve over the foam core, rather than CF sheets, is...
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    Carbon fiber stock build

    Vacuum bagging does not help you get around the lack of a good mold. What comes out of the mold is hopefully going to be an exact impression of the mold. You vacuum bag the pieces while they are in the mold so that it draws out excess epoxy, it also helps eliminate voids in the epoxy...
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    Carbon fiber stock build

    Is the carbon fiber going to be exposed when finished? I assume this is going to be a 2 piece mold. Do you plan to vacuum bag the two halves separately or do you have a plan that would enable you to do it as one piece? If molding separately, how do you plan to join the two halves? I have...
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    Which digital hearing protection?

    To those of who recommending the SoundGear, do you use the instant fit or custom fit models? And if you are using the SoundGear Instant Fit, do you use the industrial or sportsman model?
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    My barrel needs to go on a Diet!

    Apparently you don't get the meaning of "Work smarter, not harder"
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    My barrel needs to go on a Diet!

    While I love the looks of a fluted barrel and own several, it is not an effective way to reduce weight. Turning the barrel will achieve your desired effect and is a rather simple task for any qualified gunsmith. Will turning your barrel adversely impact accuracy? You won't know until you try...
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    Athlon ARES BTR

    I just saw Midway has these on clearance for $400. Camera Land NY has them at $415 but does not charge state sales tax! An even better deal!
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    Converting a 700 LA into a LA mag

    Thanks guys, The reason for the question was I am going to build two rifles simultaneously. I happen to have two Remington 700 actions that I am ready to do something with. The first is a short action that I am building into a 6.5 creedmore for my 9 year old son to hunt deer with. I...