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    SOLD/EXPIRED Vortex razor hd spotting scope

    I’d take it Pm sent
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTT 143 ELDX for Berger 140 Elite Hunters

    Hate to hijack but I would trade for those vld hunting bullets. Sorry 2up Guess you got a bump up
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    Sub sonic loads for 300 Win Mag

    I’ve been waiting for trailboss to show back up for my 308. That’s part of the reason I bought a bolt 308. Wouldn’t dream of trying sub loads in 06 or 300. But maybe it’s possible.
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    Wanted - 243 Winchester 100 Gr. Power Point - Loaded Ammo

    Mine shoots 100 gr btsp interlocks and imr 4350 even better than the Winchester ammo
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    Wanted - 243 Winchester 100 Gr. Power Point - Loaded Ammo

    That is good ammo. That’s what mine likes if I don’t have any handloads. I just did a search on and found a couple places that had it. Not cheap. $30 a box if he really wants it.
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    ELDX Performance on elk

    If you hurry scheels has 150 partitions right now in stock. I think they had 165 accubonds too. Good luck on your hunt
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    Load recommendation for 1000 yards

    175 Nosler rdf at modest muzzle velocity makes it to 1000 above the sound barrier by my math. Mine seems to like imr 4895 pushing them. I had heck hitting 1k with 168s then I loaded those rdf up.
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    ELDX Performance on elk

    No experience yet on game with 200gr. Killed 2 elk and bunch of deer and a antelope with 212. I’d avoid the shoulder. One bull elk was straight on chest shot at 68 yards. Bullet ended somewhere in the lungs. Broadside elk bullet under far hide. All my deer have been pass throughs with...
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    Recomandation : Bullet seating depth gauge

    I do this with a sized brass that I dremel a slit lengthwise through the neck. Then I can pinch it to adjust neck tension.
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    Nightforce Savage LA New Style 20 MOA Rail NEW $50.00

    Walking it out to the mail box now. Will pm you my address
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    Varget in stock @ Hodgdon

    Still there, put some in my cart and the decided I’d spent enough on primers in the last 2 weeks I’d just keep shooting imr 4064 and 4895 in my 308 for a while.
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    308 Win with H380 Load Starting point

    Sierra book has it. I’ve played with some. I didn’t think it was that bad.