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    30-.338 Winchester Magnum Reloading

    The confusion is that the thread went on a tangent from the OP.
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    30-.338 Winchester Magnum Reloading

    8mm Remington magnum and .350 Remington magnum are nowhere near the same length as .30-338... You need to stop and get someone to help you figure out what you have. In 40 years of reloading I have never even heard of a 480 Magnum. Good Luck Jerry
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    30-.338 Winchester Magnum Reloading

    In addition to 7mm Rem Mag cases mentioned above, you can also use .300 Win Mag cases, but they will need to be trimmed.
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    338/06 ??

    Nothing against .338-06... But you have a trip 5 months away. Instead of contemplating a new rifle, you should be on the range practicing shooting off of shooting stick in standing and sitting positions and shooting prone and a bench (some) to mimic shooting off of the safari truck. I try to...
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    Straight Wall Rifle - States that Allow?

    Thank you for the offer. I am on the outside looking in. Thanks
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    Straight Wall Rifle - States that Allow?

    Yes, MD is in the works, but I have not seen the official wording as to what will be allowed. Very generic 'Straight Wall Pistol Cartridges' in the proposal. Watching this closely after using a slug-gun for 28-30 years....
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    Data is on their website
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    460 S&W rifle

    Delaware went with the straight Wall pistol cartridges last year. No auto-loaders, maximum 3 cartridges in the firearm. Maryland has proposed it also, but I have not see if there are any restrictions on auto-loader. Currently, auto-loaders are allowed in all season. Waiting patiently... Good...
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    168 TTSX, 165 Interbond, 178 ELD-X...30-06 dangerous game?

    That was the .30-06 M72 Match ammunition loaded with the 173 grain FMJ projectile. That same projectile was also loaded in the 7.65x51 (NATO) M118 Match ammunition. Both cartridges were used by snipers in Vietman. They were not round nose projectile. Good Luck Jerry
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    168 TTSX, 165 Interbond, 178 ELD-X...30-06 dangerous game?

    Sorry NATO adopted the 7.62X51 in 1957. Definitely not .30-06 surplus in 1960.... Round Nose was used by some countries as late as WW II, Italy comes to mind. But I'm not aware of any countries loading 220 FMJ .30-06...
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    Using 6.5x284 or 6.5-06 load data for 6.5prc start points?

    Don't forget the original 6.5 Short Magnum the: 6.5 Remington Magnum...
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    Hodgdon is getting on my last nerve

    Powder Valley went through over 440 - 8 pound tubs of Varget -Yesterday Afternoon.... Demand is unprecedented....
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    Reloading supplies demand

    Yes, the same people who stocked up on all the TP have bought copious amounts of 9mm, 5.56/.223, all the powder and bullet heads they can afford....
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    168 TTSX, 165 Interbond, 178 ELD-X...30-06 dangerous game?

    What animal is he going to find out west = Lower 48 that a .30-06 and a 165 TTSX or Interbond can't kill with good shot placement? Grizzly bears??? but even those aren't bullet proof... Scott "PH... culls Cape buffalo with 220 grain surplus FMJ 30-06 ammo..." From what war & country did said...
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    Questions about my drop chart

    I don't see the problem. If your combination of rifle, scope, and ammunition takes x MOA/Mils to get a center hit at a certain and the balistic program says y, who cares. Just make sure your data is repeatable. If the scope isn't tracking, as long as it's consistent and repeatable. Just use...