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    Favorite deer rifle

    Nice buck and nice rifle.
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    Favorite deer rifle

    Ha. Great story. Must of been a rush to see that deer.
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    Favorite deer rifle

    Great topic! I plan to use my Winchester Model 94 30-30 for my first Hunt of the season. My Grandpa gave it to me 40 years ago. I set it up as a scout rifle (below). I just sighted it in and it was dead on.
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    For Sale Savage lightweight hunter 243 walnut stock

    Will you be posting images of the gun soon? I am interested.
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    My Boys Want a Lever Action

    After reading this article I brought out my old 30-30 that my grandfather gave me and set it up just like this.
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    What’s the best deer hunting scope for under $500?

    Hello, I am looking for a new rifle scope for deer hunting. Hoping to keep it under $500. I will be hunting in Texas and Arkansas. The likely range will be less than 200 yards. Most of the time we will be shooting from deer blinds. I am shooting a Tikka T3x lite in 6.5 cm. I have been checking...
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    new winchester remington ruger hi-powered rifles

    I want someone to buy that 308 so I stop looking at it! Great looking gun!
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    Savage 111

    Is it 22 inches with the 270 barrel? How hard is it to swap barrels?
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    new winchester remington ruger hi-powered rifles

    Is the featherweight the one in the middle?
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    2022 Winter Nilgai Hunt

    what did the guide say was wrong with 300 WM? are Nilgai tougher than elk?
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    Bear protection handguns?

    Where do you hunt?
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    Bear protection handguns?

    I just got the lease. So none. We will deer hunt when the season starts (with my boys). I was told that there are bears but we likely won’t see them. The question about the gun was for protection “just in case”. Better safe than sorry.
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    Bear protection handguns?

    Thanks ! The lease is in Gillham. I have my LTC for Texas and I believe there is reciprocity with Arkansas. I will check to make sure. Thanks for the advice.