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    moly bullets new rifle

    I have to say I was very diligent the first 100 rounds in cleaning. After that is when my accuracy started to go. The problem with JB's is many barrel manufactures will void warranties if your using that stuff. Plus I'm not into scrubbing a barrel down to bare steel and removing the burnish...
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    moly bullets new rifle

    Moly impregnated on a bullet is the worst stuff you could ever run down your barrel. I don't say that our of my opinion but out of the facts. Back in the 2001/2 time frame I trashed a brand new Shilen stainless steel match barrel in under 400 rounds shooting moly coated bullets. Yes, it took...
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    What a difference a bedding job can make

    I'm almost 99% sure the Cerakote color is flat dark earth. The flat dark earth matches Chad's desert camo stock pattern perfectly. I wasn't really sure how it was going to look in the walnut stock. To be honest I think it's looks fantastic! Best of luck on your Savage project!
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    300. Wsm advice

    Matt, I've not heard of anyone running .215 gr bullets in there .300 WSM. I've been shooting .180 gr Barnes Triple shock bullets which my rifle pushes at almost 3100 fps. This will be the same round I'm taking on my Wyoming buffalo hunt this Oct. Not many bigger critters in NA than a big...
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    What a difference a bedding job can make

    I had Chad Dixon rebuild my LH Winchester Model 70 .300 WSM into a McMillan stock and Brux barrel into a precision tac driving rifle. About six or seven years ago I got the itch to have a AAA grade English walnut stock made for it. I decided on a Weatherby MK 5 style stock. The stock is...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTS DPMS AR-10 w/Vortex Viper 6.5-20X44mm

    WTS my DPMS AR-10 24" Bull Panther .308 with carbon fiber handguard. Barrel is fluted, metal is OD green and is threaded for a suppressor. Rifle is in excellent condition, has 300 rounds through it and is a sub 1 moa shooter. Most groups with Hornaday 168 match ammo are .5 to .75 moa. Asking...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTB Zeiss 1.2-5x36 Conquest Duralyt 30mm Rifle Scope

    Looking to buy Zeiss 1.2-5x36 Conquest Duralyt 30mm Rifle Scope in excellent to good condition
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTB LH Tikka T3 in either .223, 22-250 or .243

    Need a LH Tikka T3 action with longer bolt stop (hence .223, 22-250 or .243) for a new build project. Action needs to be in good condition.
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    300 WSM factory ammo for Deer

    I can't shoot with a break on a rifle (subconscious flinch) though I wish I could for when I’m sighting it in or changing ammo. My LH Win Model 70 .300 WSM’s nick name is the mule. It’s totally abusive and not even pleasant to shoot, but is it deadly accurate. Like most any rifle when...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTB Swarovski 3.5-18x44 Z5 Ballistic turret

    Looking for a new or like new Swarovski 3.5-18x44 Z5 Ballistic turret. Must be in good condition