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    Cheap scope feasibility

    I only read about half the replies but I did not see anyone mention a mount, usually needing some offset AR mounts are hard to find much under $100. Much easier on bolt guns to get away with cheap rings than on an AR. Mac at the Military Arms Channel has a code (watch a recent video) for...
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    Bullet Seating Die Options

    I recall reading a while back of studies done on bullet runout on a standard die vs one that fully supports the case before the bullet enters like Redding or Forster micrometer die. If I remember correctly if they used the standard seater and seated the bullet about halfway, then lowered the...
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    Question on Sierra TMK and TGK vs SMK

    I have read the same issues mentioned about 168 SMK at very long range, and I have no personal experience beyond 600 yards with it but at 600 yards in 308 from a 26" barrel was a laser (not best in the wind). The main reason for my reply is if anyone has trouble finding other bullets but can...
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    I think Grafs right now has some 208g LRHT Bergers in .308. JB
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    Good Pistol Smith’s

    On the subject of shipping handguns I have my FFL ship them for me, usually $30-35 without insurance, much cheaper than the other options available to non-dealers usually. I'm not sure what amount of DIY you are comfortable with but before I would spend the money to send to a gunsmith I would...
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    Should i put my swfa ss10 on?

    One comment I don't think I saw anyone else mention. First, I have a ton of love for SWFA SS. But that said I think especially with new shooters, even from a rest they may not have the best technique immediately and being able to dial down the magnification may give them more confidence and...
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    Buying and Shooting Ammo for the Brass

    I did this recently for handgun ammo with benefits but different logic. I could overpay from 2019 prices $200 for 1k rounds, or buy 1k small pistol primers for about $150 (2019 value around $40) and have to handload, plus add bullets, brass and powder. Now I save time and components and will...
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    Whats a good 204 reloading recipe ?

    My Savage loves TAC if you can find it, hard to find bad loads with Hornady, Sierra or Berger between 32-40g.
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    Best Do It All Shotgun?

    Remington 1100's are timeless. With inexpensive barrel swaps it can do virtually anything and parts are super cheap and readily available. One of my favorite stories to tell about 1100's (and be clear this only applies to real 1100's none of the variants like 11-87) is that back in the late...
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    Where to Watch For Primers

    As maybe some of you do, watching availability has almost become it's own hobby for me. I believe much of the shortages in things like primer, and maybe powder, has to do with huge demand and high prices for loaded ammo. But where just weeks ago decent but not good 22lr was $200/1k I just...
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    Affordable bore scope suggestions

    First, mine is Teslong wireless bendable. But the comment made above about OCD is very real. Guns that shot like lasers I now see all sorts of goofy stuff in, from tooling marks to corrosion in a beautiful stainless target barrel for an AR from a big precision shop. I didn't know it was...
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    Introduction. Quadriplegic with adaptive shooting mount who shoots F-Class and hunts long range.

    Payton, Thank you so much for sharing your story. I'm not sure I have the words to express how inspiring your story is. The persistence of the human condition has no limits. Obviously we do not all face similar challenges and you my friend are on one end of the spectrum. And using the good...
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    Reloading 45colt?

    A point I don't think was covered yet is with pistol powders in big pistol cartridges when using fast powders, you almost can't go too low from a case fill standpoint as long as it pushes bullet out of the gun. BUT, with the real magnum powders I have read repeatedly that you do not want to...
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    Barrel break in and fire forming these days

    Good point about machining processes. Maybe it's like cars. Anybody remember car or motorcycle engine break in instructions about max rev's, not sustaining one speed too long but changing it up and down, etc.? Don't have those anymore either.
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    NEW Dichroic reticles anybody?

    But I thought with Trijicon as in ACOG the low light illum was from tritium and the light pipe was for bright light?