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    How many rounds do you have in your pack?

    I always carry a box of the ammo in my bag for when I get checked by a Warden. I use to only carry on my stock, but I stopped doing that as I would typically lose rounds along the way. A full box always gets packed as I have seen scopes get bumped off and it's a long way back home. When I go on...
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    Difference between Nosler Accubond vs Nosler Accubond LR

    ABLR shoots great out of my 7. AB shoot great out of my RUM. 175 ABLR and 200 AB. I haven't shot a ton of deer with the LR but I have yet to have one take a step. Average is 317 on deer. Elk with the 200 AB average is 316(cows and bulls). Like FEENIX said, the elk will not know the difference...
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    ATACR 5-25/7-35

    Thank you, but I have purchased one already.
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    ATACR 5-25/7-35

    Thanks everyone. I went ahead and went with the 5-25. I hope it’s everything I’ve read it to be.
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    Opinions on NightForce SHV Scopes

    I have the 5-20 and I thoroughly enjoy it. No complaints on the glass or overall function. It was my first target style turret set-up and I couldn't have asked for a better scope to start with. I have HD5 on my 7 mag that I absolutely love as well. I will probably buy another SHV as I'm moving...
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    Recovered Bullet Photo Gallery

    300 Rum 200 Nosler Accubond @ 425 yards, Bull elk. One anchor shot and two follow up as he laid on the ground trying to get up.
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    ATACR 5-25/7-35

    Hello everyone. I'm looking at NF ATACR either 5-25 or 7-35 for my new 300 RUM. The older RUM has a 5-20 (SHV) and had a bull at 147 yards last year and I had a few issues finding him in the brush. I'm fairly new to long range shooting but I'm out to 900 yards pretty confidently. I want to...
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    Thoughts on 175 LRAB for BC spot and stalk hunt

    I shoot the 175 ABLR out of my 1-9 7mm. Shoot great groups to 600. I'm pushing them closer to 3000 and it's well below moa. Typically 1/4 when I do my part. I have them out to 3.310" in front of RL22. I've been tweaking my dads RUM so I haven't had the time to play with it beyond that. Sorry...
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    Big deer hunt - help me pick the cartridge

    Shoot what you're comfortable and confident with. Funny, I've been told I'm under gunned and over gunned. Your confidence and ability to put the bullet where it needs to go says more than you have too much or too little gun. To be honest, I wish I had both guns. If I had a 300 WM I'd go with the...
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    First elk hunt. Leaning toward Tikka

    My main elk rifle is a 300 RUM, my back up is 7 Rem Mag using 175 bullets. Both rifles are either full or semi-custom. Although with the last statement, I wouldn't hesitate for one second to use my Grandpa's 40 year old 06'. 30 cal bullets, pushed fast or slow, have always proven to me to be...
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    Cow or spike elk hunt

    Wish I could give you some advice! I wanted to do the same thing with my wife this year, but with Covid still hanging around, it really has messed up our hunting season. Unfortunately for us, this isn't the year or situation I want to take her out west to try to enjoy her first elk hunt behind...
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    anyone get good results with 7mm rem mag 175 ablr with 1:9 twist at 3000 fps ish. for bull.

    I load 175 out of my 1-9.25 Rem with RL22 right at 3000. Well below MOA when I do my part. Played with seating depth a little, but found what my rifle loves. I'm usually between .25 and .5 moa. Anything below 600 yrds on paper feels like a waste of powder and bullet with that combo now.
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    Match bullets for long range big game hunting

    Have used both. One 300 Rum shoots 200 gr. accubonds 3.5" groups at 800 yards. Another Rum shoots Match grade better than accubonds. When I shoot match, I shoot heavy for caliber and slow things down. With today's scopes, I have no need to shoot crazy fast rounds. I have no concerns with either...
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    berger vld or barnesttsx or nosler accubond

    200 AB have done outstanding for us on all sizes of elk out of 300 RUM. VLD turned two KS whitetails inside out, one dropped and other death sprinted thirty yards. Nothing against Barnes, I've simply never used them.
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    28n or 300rum

    What powder and load data are you guys using for the 230? I haven't tried the OTM yet as Berger's data shows Ramshot and H-1000 pushing it around 2770 fps. I've stuck with the 200 AB as I'm pushing it closer to 3100 with Magnum.

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