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    Too late to start?

    Muddy boots and Lowedown, well said. I'd add that some education for your wife as to the vital part hunters play in the overall game management and conservation areas may serve to lessen the sting of your wife's preconceived ideas on hunting. Some of the most gentlemanly, genuine, conservation...
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    Custom rifle cost going to the moon , when does it end ?

    Not all people, a certain segment. Some of these guys are hard after the actual development of new rifles, loads, etc., or just want to max out their long range capabilities. More power to them. Others just want to spend their way into significance. I encounter these types in many areas of...
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    Custom rifle cost going to the moon , when does it end ?

    These guns often appeal, like other high end items, to people with more money than sense, often who can't/don't want to set up rifle, work up loads, etc. That probably have a factory or dealer modded diesel 1ton pickup that's way more that they need, as well. This recent economy (pre-COVID 19)...
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    Homemade reloading benchtop material?

    2x6 yellow pine glued and screwed to frame with 3/4" hardwood (oak, I think) plywood screwed (not glued) to that. You know, in case am elephant sits on it. I tend to overbuild, but it doesn't flex...
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    5,000 fps coyote rifle?

    Have you considered a rail gun?. Last time I did any hot reloading was in the 1970's with 25'06; I thought the mid 3000's was the Holy Grail. This is insanely interesting; coyote splitter, ha ha.
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    Help With Remington 700 Accuracy

    Wheeler FAT wrench, $42.30 on Amazon. Decent wrench, comes with multiple bits. Consistent cheek weld is more important than you may think, as in very important.
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    Head Shot on deer, Good or Bad?????

    Sorry about the rule four violation. Noted. Worth a flip?
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    Head Shot on deer, Good or Bad?????

    Hi, Jeff. Oldster here with 51 years in the deer woods from NC to Texas, back to GA,most shots within 150 yards, many under 100, a few 300+, just recently started shooting long range. I've taken a few high neck firearm shots at very short range, with open sights, under absolutely perfect...
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    exploding bullets on this real or are people guessing?

    Absolutely. As an extreme example, in 1969, (I was 15), I purchased for $100 a custom Mauser 25'06 from my grandpa that he had taken in trade. Remington had just standardized the cartridge, and the rifle was probably 20 or so years old (guess). We had the chamber miked by a 'smith, and it was...
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    What Hand Gun do you use for Personal Protection??

    Kahr P9 in Crossbreed Quick Clip IWB holster. Buffalo Bore 124 gr. +P HP rounds in first 2 mags, Double Tap 147 gr. brass jkt. flat point full jacket in back up mag. also carry ASP 21" Airweight baton (extendable). I like options. Oh, yeah, and practice, practice, practice!