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    7.5 inch barreled blackout pistol for deer?

    Was talking about your use of the 220 OT.
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    7.5 inch barreled blackout pistol for deer?

    The hollow point is pretty good size on the Cavity Back, so it’s gtg in a tube fed 30-30. I’ll be loading these up in my Marlin too. Either way, something will be my test media in the fall with the Blackout or the 30-30!
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    7.5 inch barreled blackout pistol for deer?

    If you stick with the Barnes 110 for Blackouts, you’ll be good to 100 yards, maybe 150. If you handload, Maker and Cavity Back make a variety of light bullets for the Blackout. I have some loaded, but I haven’t had the opportunity to try them out yet on critters. Hopefully, I’ll find out this...
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    7.5 inch barreled blackout pistol for deer?

    If you’re shooting animals with non-expanding bullets, that’s your problem. Use the correct bullet. Lots of expanding subs out on the market.
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    Nosler Seconds

    I’ve killed at least 20 head of game (1 black bear, the rest whitetail) with a mix of regular and seconds. I can’t tell the difference and neither could the game.
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    Nosler accubond

    That’s what I blamed the hole on too, especially after seeing the exit. I’ve only recovered a handful of Accubonds, but they’ve been picture perfect mushrooms (280, 308, and 338 WM). For thinner skinned game, I feel they’re tough to beat.
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    Nosler accubond

    I took three more deer this year with my 308 and 150gr NAB’s. The first took the top of the heart off at 150 yards. The shot was quartering away, bullet entered and caught ribs and made a softball size hole going in, but the bullet exiting only made a half dollar size hole. She ran about a...
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    Bullet suggestions for elk

    If you’re not going to spend money on the bonded bullets, then run a heavier cup-&-core. In your 30-06, I’d run the 180’s.
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    Nosler accubond

    Most of the “bullet” failure stories I’m seeing posted here are nearly identical. *Impact velocity at the top end of the bullet threshold The harder a bullet is pushed, the faster it will open. So if it’s “maxed out” on velocity (or slightly over), it’ll run a pretty good chance of failure...
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    28Nos nasty on steel

    I have to wonder how a nitrided barrel would hold up in the 28 vs a standard SS or CM. I’ve read some guys swear by them, others swear at them.
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    Christensen Arms Mesa 7mm Rem 24

    I personally believe you’d be better going with the Xbolt Hell’s Canyon until you have the time and budget for what you want. The Browning is a fairly light rig that plain shoots! My dad has one and I’m pretty impressed with it. If I were installing a barrel myself, I too would go the remage...
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    Case length trimmer

    I run the Giraud TriWay trimmers mounted in a drill for my high volume stuff (556, 308, 300 Blk) and an RCBS TrimPro for everything else. The TriWay trims, deburrs, and chamfers in one step, but indexes off the shoulder. When using my RCBS, I chuck a drill on the end to speed things up. Works...
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    44mm vs 56mm objective, need advice

    What brands and models were each of the scopes?
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    44mm vs 56mm objective, need advice

    Amen! I’ve been trying to get this thru my dad’s head (61, I’m 37). He’s stuck with the bigger is better mentality when it comes to objectives and the actual light your pupil can allow in. Glass quality trumps objective size. Since comparing higher quality glass to cheaper, and in all...
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    44mm vs 56mm objective, need advice

    I actually have the VX5 HD 3-15x44. It’s an amazing scope. I can honestly say that I can’t possibly see any scenario where the 56 will gain you anything in a hunting situation. If you are hunting at midnight with no moon, then the 56 would be the better of the two. The 44 is a lot handier in...

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