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    Another scammer?

    He's still at it....
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    Definitely probably not the norm for this page but figured I would check. I'm looking for a PVS-14. Prefer gen 3 Autogated but open to whatever is out there. Thanks, Jesse
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    Safe Clean Out (range finders, binos & spotter)

    Put me in line next for the Br2 please!
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    Recoil Pad Help!!!

    Dang I didn't even think of that. I've got a 3d printer just sitting here! I guess it might be time for some tinkering.....
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    Recoil Pad Help!!!

    I believe he is cutting it with the stock in the upright position. So, bottom metal side down. With a big 12" miter it would have the ability to cut all the way through with one pass.
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    Recoil Pad Help!!!

    How are you attaching it to the miter saw? Or are you just holding it?
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    Recoil Pad Help!!!

    Thanks guys! I will grind the majority off with my belt sander then bring it down closer with a file and finish it flat on a sanding board. Any certain type of epoxy to glue the new on?
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    Recoil Pad Help!!!

    Yeah, the black "glue" is very hard, like maybe epoxy of some type?
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    Recoil Pad Help!!!

    While attempting to replace my worn out and gummy recoil pad on a Bansner Stock I found out it is not screwed apparently is glued on? I am planning on replacing it with a grind to fit Limbsaver pad. Any idea on how to get the old pad off? Thanks!
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    Vortex Razor 20-60x85 spotter with 30X wide angle ranging reticle

    What kind of binos are you looking for?
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    Glass for Sale: Zeiss RF, Leupold, Vortex

    You mentioned trades, what are you looking/interested in?
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    WTB Vangaurd Endeavor HD 82a

    Looking for a used Vangaurd Endeavor HD 82a. I have been able to find any locally or on Ebay....hoping someone on here is done hunting for the year....😉 Thanks!
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    3 semi custom rifles 338edge, 338win,375 rum

    I looked over in the scope section but didn't see them listed. Was he selling them as well?
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    3 semi custom rifles 338edge, 338win,375 rum

    Could you let us know what's still available?
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    3 semi custom rifles 338edge, 338win,375 rum

    what barrel is on the edge? Round count?