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    For Sale Powder Valley, IMR 4350, IMR 4831 and Ramshot Magnum

    RATS! Missed again. Blasted staff meeting! :mad:
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    Thoughts on OCW test

    I am absolutely NOT an expert so take that into consideration. OCW isn't about the group size or shape, it's about the POI shift between groups. It looks to me like the group centers shift the least between 41.5 and 42.0. If you download Gordon's Reloading Tool (free) you can use their group...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Midway Large Rifle Primers

    Out of stock, no backorder.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Anyone need a package deal on 6 lbs. H4831 SC, 9 lbs. IMR4064, and 1 lb IMR 4350??

    I'm really curious as to why that combination, but I only need the IMR4350. Thanks for your continued efforts to keep us in the know, though.
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    No Tool Seating Depth Method

    That's the way I've been skinning the cat. Everyone seems to have their preference, but they all work. Not something worth wasting a lot of energy on trying to convince someone their way is wrong.
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    For Sale IMR 4198 one pounders at Powder Valley and Brownell's

    I've seen H110 available fairly commonly, too.
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    20 gauge shotgun deer slugs

    Sending PM
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    6mm 85 gr. HPBT sierra

    Sending PM. I have half a box.
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    To shoot or not to shoot????

    I hope you reach a decision you are happy with.
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    To shoot or not to shoot????

    +1000 If that is not a trophy deer where you hunt, you are a fortunate hunter indeed.
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    Brass Drying Rack

    That's the method I use. Wife hasn't complained (yet).
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    Changing components, could have been bad!

    Could part of also have been that the Lapua was on its first firing and therefore some of the pressure went to fireforming it, as opposed to the R-P having two firings on it already? Would be interested to see if the velocity goes up on the second time around with the Lapua. One other...
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    Stabil Powder issue?

    Almost did that myself just the other day. Seated the bullet in the very last round I was loading and looked over to see a pan full of powder. Oops.
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    Stabil Powder issue?

    Given the subject of the thread, and the fact that they were kept in the garage, maybe you put something other than powder in them? 🤔