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    Pm sent. I’ll take it
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    6 lbs. RL26 - Sherwood, OR

    P.M. sent. I'll take it.
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    300 wm 178 eld-x or 200 eld-x

    In one of my 300 win mags I shoot the 212 eldx. Excellent accuracy with H1000 and good results on a couple bears and a 6 point bull. You'll just have to find out what your rifle prefers, and I would not worry about a 200+ grain bullet being too much for the smaller animals. Dead is dead and a...
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    338 RUM bullet

    The 150 yard shot was on a 300+ lb black bear. The shot was slight quartering away, went in behind near shoulder and broke off shoulder, exiting the animal. Found a couple fragments in off shoulder, lungs were a mess. He turned downhill, ran approximately 30 yards and died. One other bear made...
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    338 RUM bullet

    I also have a Rbros 338 rum shooting a 250 bergers in front of H1000 at 3050 fps. All one shot kills ranging from 150-530 yards. Very impressed with performance and don't see myself changing combination anytime soon.
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    New Mexico 2019 - What did you draw?

    Drew valle vidal muzzleloader. Realistically not sure what caliber of bull to hold out for?
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    338 build. Need opinions/advice

    "The money you save up front won't make up for the money you spend trying to get the built to your expectations." Good point and advice. Thanks.
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    338 build. Need opinions/advice

    Timber338, That is very nice rig you have there and yes it is pretty much what I am after. I have a vx6 waiting in the safe for this rifle. Only difference from yours is its the 4-24x52. Glad to hear you like it. I got a very good deal on it so I thought I'd give it a try. How do you like the...
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    338 build. Need opinions/advice

    Seems like there are a few fans for the lane precision as well as a couple other makers. I am not opposed to going with a fairly well known name. To be honest the only thing keeping me away from going that route was price, as most are out of my ball park, and not knowing if I am paying extra for...
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    338 build. Need opinions/advice

    Thank you for the reponses. The savage long range hunter in the lapua is just a little heavier than I want to lug around on backcountry trips and I just don't quite like how savages feel in my hands. That being said they are a darn accurate rifle, especially for the price. At least the ones I...
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    338 build. Need opinions/advice

    Hello, First post so I'll give you a little background before I get into the build. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. Hunting, fishing, shooting pretty much takes up every free moment I have. Can be a little obsessive and unhealthy at times but I'm sure a few of you can relate. I...

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