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    It's a whiskey tasting kinda of night ...

    I need to give Larceny another try. I bought a bottle a couple years back, and liked it, but for similar money I had decided that I like Elijah Craig better and have pretty much been sticking to EJ ever since for my $25-$30 bourbon. But...tastes change and Larceny is too good of a product at...
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    7mm rm bullets for browning abolt

    I could be wrong, but I thought Browning's were 1:9.5 Twist. We always ran a specific load that included the 140 gr Berger VLD @ 3.31" COAL with RL 22 and Fed 215 primers in 1:9.5 twist 7mm RM's which included Weatherbys and Brownings that we actually loaded for, shot, hunted with, etc (should...
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    New Rifle has me Perplexed

    Update: put a borescope on it, things looked good to me but I'm an amateur when it comes to evaluating rifle bores. Shots 16-20 on the barrel pictured below. 200 yards using 168 gr SMK Fed GM. With a more suitable scope and a better nut behind the bolt, I'm sure this would be tighter, but I'm...
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    I guess the 17 WSM is effective on big coyotes.

    Which Bmag did you go with? Sporter or Heavy Barrel, synthetic or laminate stock, stainless vs blued, etc. I'm definitely interested as I do a lot of hunting in a rimfire only area. How is the accuracy?
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    Browning x-bolt 6.5 creedmoor, help

    Get yourself some Boretech eliminator, one of their proof positive jags or a Tipton ultra jag for 6.5mm, and some 100% cotton patches for 6.5mm. BoreTech eliminator is all I regularly use in my rifle barrels. Add a good bore guide and a coated cleaning rod and you're in business. Also I suggest...
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    7mm Hornady A-tips

    Do they have similar bearing surface to the 195, or slightly more? Was velocity the same at the point you hit pressure, or just charge weights?
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    Howa 1500 .223Rem, 2020 model, Trigger adjustments

    Sorry, I'm thinking Weatherby Vanguard made by Howa and you have a Howa. Same thing, I'm just using the wrong name on the side of the action, my bad
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    Howa 1500 .223Rem, 2020 model, Trigger adjustments

    Vanguard may be one of the easiest rifles to replace the trigger on if you go with a Timney. It's just one screw, really simple. My Timney needed some adjustment when I got it which surprised me.
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    Howa 1500 .223Rem, 2020 model, Trigger adjustments

    Matt, I think what you are experiencing is the 2-stage trigger. I put the pad of my trigger finger on the trigger which takes up the first stage until it hits the point that it feels like a standard single stage trigger. Then squeeze like i normally would and break the shot. Let me know if that...
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    New Rifle has me Perplexed

    I agree, definitely appears that I lucked out here. It just didn't make sense to me when I was at the range, as if I was missing something, or doing something wrong. Trust me, I would have loved to get on my soapbox and shout that Weatherby is the greatest, but this seemed to good to be true...
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    Imr 8133 for 7mm and 28N

    H1000 is definitely a great match for 7mm Rem Mag and I'm sure the 28 Nosler as well, but I've never looked into loading for the 28N.
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    Oh NO! On Empty!

    PA beer distributors are essential so they are open, but state run PA Wine & Spirit stores are not...go figure. Can get some wine in select grocery stores. I swear trying to explain it to people from out of state, they just look at you as if you are from another planet....nope, just Pennsylvania.
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    Oh NO! On Empty!

    In PA, liquor stores are state run. They were one of the first and closed a couple weeks ago but got an email saying they will ship to your door. Beer distributors are still open. PA may be the oddest duck in the nation when it comes to alcohol.