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    Longest coyote kill. Gun and what state u live in.

    770 yards with 6.5 creedmoor shooting 143 eldx handloads 2620 fps. Bad picture as we had to hurry to get to an appointment. Live in Idaho and wasn’t calling today but this female showed at 300 and took off finally stopped at 770 and tikka t3x took care of the rest.
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    Sierra Gamechanger bullets.

    i'm guessing they didn't want something someone would shoot out of a .300 WM. I called and talked to Sierra, asking them to produce a 6.5 in the 140s and a .308 over 210 and i'll try them...until then my 6.5x285 will stay with the berger 140 and my 300 WM will stay with the 215 Hybrids.