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    Best LR .30 caliber on .473 bolt face

    Actually if you load to the pressure the cartridge was intended to be used at you use the 1 in 4 factor which come out to 2.25% increase in velocity and 65FPS more velocity then the standard velocity.Very few improved cartridges if loaded to equal pressures are much of an improvement.How ever...
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    Time to cut some weight.

    I would sell the guns you do not want to carry and invest in a NULA of your choice.They just plain shoot and are lite .You could put an HD 5 on one and still have a rifle with a 24" barrel under 7 pounds.
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    Best LR .30 caliber on .473 bolt face

    In my opinion anything larger than 30-06 is in the land of diminishing returns.Folks think that AI a cartridge magically makes it way better.I would say that most AI cartridges are way overloaded to get those fantastic velocities.Personally I like my face just the way it is.If you want more...
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    How far can you connect?

    I shot an Antelope at 460 yards.Took me 3 shots as I had to walk it into him.I have shot mule deer at 340 yards 1 shot DRT.I was at the Varmint Hunters annual shoot in South Dakota and got in to the 1,000 yard club with a witnessed shot on a prairie rat.Got him on the first try and proceeded to...
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    What can be done with poachers on game cams??

    Trespassing on private posted property while armed is a felony in most states.You need to talk to your local Sheriff ,Constable or Town Policeman as this is not a fish and game problem.
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    Would you eat this bull?

    I would not give my dogs anything to eat,that I will not eat myself.
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    Done with 215 Bergers

    I guess I am not understanding why someone would use a bullet labeled not for hunting use,for hunting?Actually the Berger target bullets have a smaller core and thicker jacket.They tend to pencil through animals ,rather than expand.Yes ,you can have success using that type of bullet,but it also...
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    1st Mule Deer down with my 6.5 SAUM

    Well, thats a pretty nice buck.I can`t imagine what the Big Boy looked like.Congrats on your hunt and shot placement,Huntz
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    Bullet Puller?

    I use a RCBS and an inertia bullet puller.Both work.I added some extra foam rubber in the tip of the inertia and it does not seem to damage the bullets.
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    Help with Redding body only sizing die

    I run every loaded round through the rifle.I do not bump the shoulders unless fl resizing.The rounds drop in with no resistance.My chambers are cut when re barreled and are concentric with the bore.When I feel resistance I FL resize.I might use 10 cases in a match and NS them right at the...
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    Do I need a chronograph?

    I only use a crono when I want to write a dope card for my rifle for hunting.When I am loading in uncharted territory(cases I have no load data for} I always use a chrono to get an idea of the pressures in the case.After reloading for 55 years ,I have eliminated anything I believe to be...
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    Help with Redding body only sizing die

    Once brass is fire formed to a chamber,unless you are FL resizing a case.There is no reason to bump back the shoulder.I use Redding body dies to only size the body and a collet die to size the neck.After awhile the cases will not chamber because of brass growth and need to be FL resized.Drop a...
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    600 Yards Max for Whitetail: 7mm STW vs 6.5 Creedmoor

    Use your 7STW on the fields and carry a handgun for the woods.
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    New Owner of Remington Arms Talks of its FUTURE

    I bought two 700 LWT this spring.One 308Win and one 223Rem.They come with 40x triggers that were easily adjustable to 2 pounds and could go a lot lower.Both shoot great.1/2" 5 shot groups are common.Best out of the box rifles I have bought next to Tikka`s.Maybe it was luck of the draw,but I am a...
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    Remington Bankruptcy

    There was no problem with the Walker trigger.Only the idiots that decided to monkey with the sear engagement and over travel screws.As long as you sealed the trigger pull screw with lock tite after giving a bump test and push test you were good to go.Some could be set as low as 2 lbs,but most...