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    Wsm rifle

    Yeah they killed off the best one first 7wsm.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 1720 Pelican Case

    How much are you asking.
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    257 Weatherby Loads for Hunting

    I really like the 110gr. Accubonds great hunting load and Imr 7828 ssc
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    Ammo Box for Plastic Tip Bullets?

    Put a cotton ball down each hole.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Sa 700 thumbhole stock

    What barrel channel and lenght of pull.
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    Greybull stock

    What barrel channel
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    Greybull stock

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    Manners Stock Purchasing Question

    The last one I ordered and the finally one took 9 months and they told me 4 months and when I got it the inlet was junk.
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    Remington Bankruptcy

    They used a bushmaster at sandy hook they can't survive the law suits.
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    Javelin Bipod

    Does it come with the adapter.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Bartlein 6.5 barrel **SOLD**

    I am interested in your barrel can you pm me.
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    .300 Weatherby Ultra Lightweight recoil

    I have had one since they were introduced and have not put a brake on it the recoil is a very big push not a jab and I have shoot it enough that the factory barrel is getting close to being replaced.
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    What to mix with ground venison?

    I always 50/50 deer meat to 81/19 lean ground beef makes 9% hamburger taste great.

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