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    PRICE DROP-Reloading Dies

    I'll take the 300 Win Mag dies please. PM headed your way. If Viking264 wants these dies, he beat me to the punch. let me know.
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    1:7 twist 6.5?

    Don't overlook Benchmark barrels! I've built 2 customs in 260 Remington shooting 140 grain Amaxs or ELD's. Both rifle shot half MOA with devastating terminal effects on game animals. In both instances I was able to locate these barrels in 1: 7 twist quite easily and have them available way...
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    Mixing Different Lots Same Powder

    Many thanks! Heading to the dollar store for a large plastic container and I will grab dryer sheets and a wooden spoon along the way. :)
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    Mixing Different Lots Same Powder

    Thank you! I appreciate that reloaders on both sides of this issue have taken the time to reply. There were 2 reasons why I posted a request for help. First to see if mixing was safe. Secondly, I'm running a custom 28 Nosler. I came up with an accurate safe load and also did some troubleshooting...
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    Mixing Different Lots Same Powder

    Thank you both.
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    Mixing Different Lots Same Powder

    Let me have it with both barrels I'm ready for it. I have three 1 pound containers of RE33; each with a different lot number. I purchased these new from a reputable company and they have not been opened. With an eye towards NOT having to work back up to a safe load each time I have to open a new...
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    Remington 700 long range .300 RUM

    PM sent
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    Suppressor suggestions please

    Sorry for butting in, but how effective are CB brakes as stand alone brakes; or are they designed to be a convenient interface/mount for suppressors? Thanks
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    Savage LA Laminate Stock

    Found one! Thanks
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    Savage LA Laminate Stock

    Up Please
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    Savage LA Laminate Stock

    Seasons Greetings All! I'm looking for a Savage Long Action, Laminate Stock with a Blind Mag. Please PM me if you can help. Thanks
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    sub sonic?

    Sorry for butting in, thanks for the info!
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    sub sonic?

    How about bullet performance on game? Any favorite bullets for sub sonic hunting?

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