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    Bastard! It's not easy to play with the touchpad on my laptop, but it's fun as hell!
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    30.06 ackley - anyone tried it?

    I've been shooting the 06AI for about 8 years, And next to my .375 H&H AI it's my favorite cartridge. I currently use 52.5 gr Varget behind a 172gr solid, lake city 1967 brass with cci br4 mag primer to get 3050fps as my pet load. I get an e.s. of about 45 with the varget (wish it were better)...
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    Neck tension trouble, 6.5x284

    I had a similar problem with both a 6.5x.284 and a .30-06 AI. I did not neck turn at all, but some old guru asked me how closely my dies matcked my chamber. I ended up re-reaming the 6.5x.284 with a Norma reamer and ended the problem. I also had very little sizing to do afterwards. I set up...
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    Success At +1000 yards!

    Fifty, I just got done last March with a .338 RUM AI and was actually kind of dissappointed with it. I loaded 300gr Rhinos from South Africa and tried everything from RL22 to Retumbo to imr4831. vvn135 and imr 4064 gave me the fewest probs. The cases were a little weak (Rem Cases) when I...