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    For Sale 257 Roberts +P 117 gr SST

    PM sent
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Magnum/Large Pistol Primers at Natchez

    Large Apparently all gone. Thanks for the info
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    First Bull Elk

    Congrats. Nice bull
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    Hello from Frost, TX

    Welcome from Wyoming
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    Top 5 hunting rifles at/under $1K

    I love my Ruger Hawkeye Standard with a Timney trigger bedded with Devcon 10110. Shoots in the .3’s. Put the balance of money into Leupold glass.
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    Win Model 70 or Rem Model 7 7mm-08

    Go with the Model 70 for the reasons mentioned above.
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    How it’s done.

    Congrats on the successful stalk.
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    Welcome to 2020

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    162 ELD-M performance

    Congrats on all the above. PM Sent
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    LaCrosse Ice Kings-Never Used

    Boots have never been worn. Size 14M. They have the 400 gram thinsulate foam ultra insulation. Rated for -70 to 30 degrees F. Asking 135.00 shipped.
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    Choosing a rifle

    Assuming you have to choose between a Winchester Model 70 Featherweight, Supergrade, Sporter or Extreme Weather model, which do you pick? And why? It will be chambered in 270 Winchester. Thanks in advance.
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    Help me choose a .277 bullet... (.270 Win)

    Hornady Interlocks have worked real well for me along with Nosler Partitions if needing more. These were in a 270 Winchester usually 140 or 150 grain bullets.