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    Hi from Washington state

    I found this forum from a gun listed in the classifieds. Join in!
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    A big hello to all from the Florida Space Coast

    Welcome from Wyoming. Glad to have you!
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    Co early rifle hunt

    What a great hunt! Congratulations!
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    .308 or .338 Caliber Elk and Up Cartridge

    For elk and larger you can't beat the big 338's.
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    New member

    Welcome from way out west! We love different perspectives.
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    Not exactly a sheep

    Mighty nice. I'm jealous!
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    DIY Oklahoma antelope doe draw success

    Congratulations! Sound like a great hunt and great meat.
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    338 lapua priming tool

    I've had decent luck with Frankford Arsenal
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    Daughters first caribou

    That's the coolest thing I've seen today. Congratulations!!!
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    Not a new member, but no posts in maybe 10 years

    Guns are fun! Glad you're still here!
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    You can never be 100% certain...

    The shooting gods must be trying to keep you humble!
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    Welcome from Wyoming! Glad to have you!
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    Hello from northern utah

    Welcome from Wyoming.