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    Looking for magazine for Bergara B14R 22LR.

    I have the Bergara B14R rifle and 1 mag but am having trouble finding extra magazines. Let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks
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    338 edge

    What is the twist?
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    338RUM for ELR

    Badlands Bullet Company has a 260 gr PCIBM that really shoots well for ELR. Length 1.962″ BC (G1) 0.841 Twist 1:9.0″
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    FS RCBS 338 Lapua FL&NK, 6MM Rem and 270 Win

    I will buy the 338 Lapua: RCBS 2-die neck die set, used in good condition.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 119 pieces of 300 RUM brass - Norma and Nosler mix

    Sent a pm Will take take them if they are still available
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    BFR 454 Casull For Sale or Trade for Rifle Scope

    I have a like new BFR 454 Cassull pistol that I would like to sell for $850 or trade for a rifle scope. Scope like a Vortex PST Gen ll. Let me know if you have anything like that, that I can put on a long range rifle to shoot PRS. I will be mounting it on an 6mm AR.
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    .338 Bullets for sale

    New price for the 300 gr OTM tactical
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    .338 Bullets for sale

    PM sent they are mag length and avialable
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    .338 Bullets for sale

    Bullets for sale!!
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    .338 Bullets for sale

    You can have the Berger Elite. Thanks
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    .338 Bullets for sale

    Berger 338 bullets for sale. 100 - 338 Berger 300gr Hybrid OTM -57.00 shipped SPF USPS Check or MO shipped when the check clears. Thanks for looking.
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    Savage 6mm Remington AI for Sale

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    Savage 6mm Remington AI for Sale

    It was a beautiful day for some shooting. 75 gr Vmax at 3700fps 2 shots on 12x20 plate at 200 yards.
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    454 Casull BFR

    Tell your buddy it's still for sale and thanks for sharing with your friends!
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    Savage 6mm Remington AI for Sale

    More pictures