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    Cheap scope feasibility

    Clearly you do get what you pay for but you can clearly overpay for what you need! Example, I’ve been running a 300 Hamr 16” AR for a few years now. This is a 200-250 yard gun on game. Clearly I don’t need a monster scope on this but with aging eyes I found the need for an illuminated reticle...
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    Hollow points

    I’ve used them in a 25-06. They work as well as any other load I’ve tried. You won’t be disappointed.
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    Where are the powder and primers?

    Here in North Texas it’s coming out in dribs and drabs. I’ve started randomly hitting the gun store and my area and I can find what I’m looking for, to some extent, but not in the quantities that I’m used to buying. Prices are up 25 to 50% higher and you are limited to what you can buy.
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    Flattened primers acceptable pressure sign?

    I’ve seen flattened primers on my factory as well as my handloads with my 7 mag. I think a certain level of flattening is to be expected with magnum loads.
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    308 win still worth having

    Most of my hunting experience over the last 35 years is with a 308. I've tried on deer and hogs 223, 243, 25-06, 6.5 Grendel, 6.5 CM, and 7mag. When the dust settled I still own the 223(prairie dogs), 300 Hamr, 308, and 7 mag. The Hamr for all intense and purpose is a short barreled 308. I had...
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    What cartridge/bullet for hog hunting?

    I live and hunt here in Texas. There is a hog hunting ranch here that won’t let you bring anything smaller than a 30-30. Specifically no 22s of any kind and no 300 BLK. Your 25-06 would be all you need. My personal experience bigger is better. I’ve personally seen hogs taken with heavy hot loads...
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    Caliber choice for prairie dogs

    223 though a 13 lbs 24” heavy barrel AR-15. I don’t get shots longer than 350.
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    Talk to me about Barrel Tuners

    I have 2 Harrells precision barrel tuner brakes. I got outstanding results from the one I put on my 7 mag Thompson Compass. 1/2 MOA is the norm for that rifle now and recoil is almost non existent! I bought one for a 16” 300 Hamr to tighten up my 150 grain groups. It didn’t make a difference...
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    Considering 3 Brands-Models of Muzzle Brakes- Any Opinions?

    Harrells precision, tunable, not tunable, whatever you want. I have one on my 9 1/2 lb 7 mag, no recoil.
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    In between 7mm-08 & .308

    If you have a Remington 700 or a Howa/Weatherby you can get a Blackhawk Axiom recoil reducing stock. Optics Planet is where I got mine. It works great and since the stock is adjustable it can be made to fit anyone.
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    Recoil management-poor shooting

    I’ve had a variety of 7 mag rifles over the years. I could shoot them well but the recoil just took all the fun out of it. I now have one with a Harrells precision tunable brake on it. Recoil is totally mitigated to the point that the gun is such a joy to shoot I have to be careful I don’t...
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    Good article on why everyone either loves or hates the 6.5cr

    I hunted for years with a 25-06. I went to an AR-10 in 6.5 CM to replace that gun. On game at least, it's no 25-06! I went back to my 308. Why? Because on game at normal hunting distance it's got more "stuff"! If I anticipate the need for more in the field I have a 7 mag with a brake which...
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    Thinking about a 204 Ruger

    The last time I was there the grass was so high you couldn’t find any dawgs!
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    Thinking about a 204 Ruger

    Are you the Rita Blanca?
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    Best dawn/dusk low light deer scope

    I have the same problem. I had to get rid of my FFP scopes because I couldn’t see the reticle in low light conditions at the lowest magnifications. I started looking at illuminated reticles and stumbled upon a super cheap FFP scope from Monstrum with an illuminated reticle. With discounts it was...