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    Any body ever had this happen?

    I use a small amount of Nu Finish liquid car wax in my tumbler to make the cases shine but honestly it really doesn't make them shoot any better. The same can be said of washing the dust off of them. I just tumble and check size and trim if needed and load them and have never had a problem...
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    100yd vs 500yd groups

    One think you don't mention is bullet. Some polymer tipped bullets suffer tip deformation during flight from friction heat, therefore the longer the air time the more deformation which affects accuracy. I tried Hornady SST bullets and thought they would yield better long range accuracy with...
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    165's in 300wm?

    165 grain bullets is what my buddy and I loaded for our 300WSM rifles, his a Browning A-bolt and mine a Tikka T3 Lite. We used 66 grains of IMR4350 and Hornady IL bullet and they were very accurate in my rifle and were a total tack driver in his Browning. He has shot several elk with this load...
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    Financing Firearm Purchases

    Some gunshops used to do lay-away plans on guns, but I don't know if they still do. Personally I don't see anything wrong with buying this way, although I have never done it.
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    Strange findings with the bore scope **pics**

    I don't think a custom rifle barrel should have all those scoring marks. I looked at the pics first and thought it was an OTC rifle barrel, which wouldn't have surprised me. If the rifle shoots well I wouldn't worry about what it looks like through your camera. If it shoots as bad as it looks...
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    Powder of very similar burn rates and powder choice

    I look to find a powder that gives somewhere in the neighborhood of 88% capacity (+/-) for the bullet I am wanting to shoot, because more often than not that is where I find the best load. Just because the burn rate is similar between two powders doesn't mean they will react the same...
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    I made up an accurate load for my 270Win using CCI #200 primers and H4831 and then tried the same load but switched to Win WLRP primers and the load showed extreme over-pressure signs and also was not accurate. Sometimes switching primers shows little or no difference but sometimes its a real...
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    7rum....thinking of changing...

    26Reload, you should be getting 3600-3750 ft/sec out of your 7RUM with a 168 grain bullet. Something just doesn't seem quite right with your number.
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    Is there trick to loading 257 WM

    The only powder my S-I-L could get to shoot decent out of his 257WBY was H1000, but he was using cup and core bullets.
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    Load or shooter?

    It could well be barrel heat after firing the first four rounds. How long do you let the barrel cool between shots? Steel moves when heated and a rifle barrel is no exception.
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    Bedding light contour barrel

    I don't have a lot of experience with bedding actions/barrels but what little I have leaves me liking the action bedded through the recoil lug but leaving the barrel free floating. I guess each scenario has it's upside and downside, so mostly I like free floating tubes whether there is action...
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    Does neck length on brass make a difference in accuracy?

    Usually the case length doesn't have much effect on accuracy as long as all cases are the same length. That is why the general rule of reloading is to trim all cases to the same length as the shortest case you are going to load for that cartridge.
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    308 to 300 WSM

    Rechambering is possible with a changed bolt face, but the extraction port may have to be opened just a little bit, though I doubt that .085" of overall cartridge length would matter. You would also need a magazine and follower that will feed the bigger case. You should find a reputable...
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    300 wby action help

    The Weatherby cartridges were designed by Roy Weatherby to have a long free-bore and therefore a long bullet jump to reach the lands. This cartridge needs the bullets seated pretty deep in the cases. I would advise making the cartridges to an OAL that will fit the magazine. Seating that far...