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    6.5sherman short

    Rifle weight and barrel contour, please?
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    Barrel contour

    Looking at building a 6.5 prc. Want a light weight rifle. Not sure I want a carbon barrel. If I were to use a 22” barrel, which contour should I use?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Muzzleloader

    1250 Muzzleloader Scope Extras
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Muzzleloader

    I have a Savage smokeless with a Leupold scope, for sale.
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    Lightweight stocks

    What company makes the lightest?
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    Caliber for Pronghorn....

    Out of your choices, I would pick 6xc or 6.5x 284. Which ever you shoot the best.
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    WTB modern muzzleloader

    I have a Savage MLll for sale.
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    Look at Lapua’s website.
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    What are the differences between a 30 Sherman and a 300 Rum?
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    Lapua brass
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    6.5x47 just finished

    Specs please
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    Do all rifle???

    Paper & steel to 1200 Hunt to 600 I believe in double distance practice
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    Do all rifle???

    If you had to choose one rifle to hunt everything from antelope to elk, what would it be? This rifle must use components that are readily available. It must also be a caliber that is inherently accurate. No need to waste 600 rounds of 1000 round barrel life doing load development. I want to...
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    Barrel length & speed

    How much bullet speed is gained or lost per inch of barrel? Also is the gain or loss equal? Example if it were 50 ft./s per inch of barrel would you lose 50 feet with an inch shorter barrel and would you gain 50 feet with an inch longer barrel?