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    Absolute Hammer load data

    Looks like around 4100 to me😛 Sweet!
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    Absolute Hammer load data

    Got 30 cal barrels at the smith now. Tests forthcoming from some of us sooner.
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    Switch barrels systems. Good or Bad?

    I've got 2 traditional switch barrel rifles (from benchrest days) and 3 WTO switch barrel guns. All work great and are repeatable. Only real difference is ease of switching barrels. The WTO doesn't require a barrel vise and action wrench to change barrels. My smith did both types. If the smith...
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    Site has peaked my interest

    Welcome from NE Alabama! Glad you joined us!
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    .250 Savage 67gr Shock Hammer Load Question

    The only load gor the 67gr in the Hammer Hunter load data is for a 257 Wby😒. When you develop a load, please share particulars with us.
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    Primer difference

    Agree with above. Changing primers can sometimes give startling results. Back down 5% or so and work back up.
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    Couldn't stop thinking about Butterbean

    By the way, I'M LOVING THIS! Ya'll keep it coming!!!!!!
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    Official Hammer bullets Terminal Performance (picture heavy)

    Yes! Litz talks a good bit about going through the transonic region in his latest edition (3rd). It can get ugly.
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    Least effective brake

    Well said and quite correct. 👏
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    A hot topic, how do you get a hot piece of brass

    Unless I was processing a couple hundred cases at a time for matches the flame or salt bath works fine for me😁
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    Federal primers?

    No problem with Lapua, ADG, Petersen or Rem brass?
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    Least effective brake

    X2 on the Vais. Have several diff brands. Vais on 2 riles, including 7 RUM. like them best. About to try a Harrell's on a 30 Sherman Mag. Alwys wear HP.
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    Hammer Hunter 6.5 Creed load data?

    Ahhh, the wheels are turning! Excellent choice Bean!!! They're quite deadly!
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    Hammer Hunter 6.5 Creed load data?

    I LOVE IT!!!! Keep it up. Much fun to be had!!!!!