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    6.5 PRC Brass in Stock... but not really though

    Phooey! And you can't make PRC from something else
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    Sherman Wildcat Reloading Data is Here!!!

    Love it! When my Sherman Max is finished I'll be adding some more to the Hammer and Sherman 6.5 data!!!!
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    Sherman Wildcat Reloading Data is Here!!!

    Idaho, Do you plan to update the Sherman load data spreadsheet? Doesn't seem to have much of the new data in it? Thanks. I know it's a pain. I'm the one updating all the Hammer data🤔
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    Editing Privilege Gone Again

    OK, I didn't realize I was logged off. Back in now and everything works fine. Thank you!
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    Absolute Hammer load data

    OK folks, Steve has posted two more new Absolutes in 6MM. Go for it! (and keep us posted) They're on the spreadsheet: 69 and 87 gr George
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    Sherman Wildcat Reloading Data is Here!!!

    My 6.5 Max is also at the smith's. Hoping for end of April. Want load data for Hammers!
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    N570 for 270 wsm 170gr loads?

    Don't have a WSM, but it works great in the 7mm RUM
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    Should have done this a long time ago!

    I intended no ill will. I personally can't load and pay attention to but one thing. Sorry for starting such a s--t storm. Wasn't my intention. G
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    Should have done this a long time ago!

    Just me, and don't mean to offend, but I don't want any TV, radio, or any other distraction while loading.
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    Want To Buy ADG 7mm SAUM Brass

    Check with Rich Sherman (Sherman Wildcat Cartridges). He uses and stocks saum brass for his cartridges.
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    Muzzle Brake Recommendation

    Can't help you there. My favorite rifle is on it's 5th barrel, same muzzle brake. Never set one back in thousands of rounds?
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    Muzzle Brake Recommendation

    5/8x24 is pretty standard and works well. Got brakes on 12-14 rifles. Never experienced or heard of "wallowing" out? All work well. My only suggestion is get side venting if you shoot prone/bipod. I prefer radial venting/self timing, but I don't shoot on the ground.
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    rcbs charge master lite

    I've been using chargemasters for a bit over 10years. No issues. Keep the powder hopper wiped off with a cling free sheet. Also keep phone or magnetic stuff away. I can't shoot the difference if they're not accurate enough. SD in single digits often.
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    Muzzle Brake Recommendation

    Thanks Feenix. I couldn't find my link.
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    Muzzle Brake Recommendation

    There was a lengthy review written on Accurate Shooter about the top 30 or so brakes used by the top PRS shooters last year. The article gave some good info. I found it very informative.