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    Can someone tell me what this means

    It means "don't put ketchup on venison!" :)
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    Hello all from the Colorado Rockies

    Howdy, neighbor!
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    SOLD/EXPIRED .300 Savage seat die

    Glad you found one. I wrestled with PMing you that I have a set that's not used ... but I keep it in the cabinet secretly hoping my brother will give me our dad's .300 Savage ...
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    Arizona ban on trail cams

    correction ... DID happen in CO ... I'm afraid there's no turning CO around.
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    1000 yard club

    The first time I stood at the 1000 yard line and was shown the target, I was sure I was getting pranked. M1 Garand, 7.62 McCoy conversion (Armory converted/owned), 1/2 minute NM peep sights (and a whole lot younger eyes then). From the NRA High Power Regs 4.7 800, 900, and 1000 Yard Target...
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    14 year old sons CO buck!

    Big congrats! Where were you hunting?
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    Sd public land wt

    Nice bucks, guys! Makes me miss my family hunting trips on my uncle's ranch north of Wall. I grew up in Custer and now realize how fortunate I was to be able to hunt Black Hills and West River deer every year. Back in those days, driving to and from school was a "hunting trip". Not uncommon...
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    Nevada Bull

    Congrats and thanks for sharing the pics and the story!
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    Close to tears this year, folks...

    We hosted a Trunk or Treat at our church. Had about 600 families pre-registered and guesstimate we had another 200 drive by drop-in visitors. We handed out a truck load of candy!!!!1
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    Good luck to the CO 2nd Season hunters!

    National Forest in Colorado closures effective today ...
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    Shooting schools

    Front Sight in Pahrump, NV has long range shooting courses.
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    Blind mag vs hinged floorplate for serious hunting?

    I've never had a hinged floor plate open unintentionally - ever. On my Winchester 70 with hinged floor plate, I seldom to almost never open the floor plate to empty the magazine. And, I don't have to chamber the rounds to empty the mag, either. Slowly extracting the round from the chamber with...
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    Help bringing old rifle new life

    At this point I would question how much of the original rifle would remain, and how much would I attribute the end result having the same sentimental value? With the receiver being about all that remains after rebarrelling, new trigger, new stock - at this point making it a shooter and...
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    Help bringing old rifle new life

    Well if that doesn't make me feel sad and old .... :) having shot Service Rifle High Power with a McCoy built, base armory issued NM Garand in .308 ... ok, yeah - that was years and years ago.
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    Cell Camera Addiction!

    When you start getting these kinds of pics on your trail cams, you may start to talk yourself into staying out of the woods!!!!!! :)