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    This is what I ended up with after a fall on the ice took awhile it’s been about a year and a half getting better slowly
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    ADG Dimpling at the shoulder after resizing 🤔

    To much lube
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    Caliber for Pronghorn....

    I used a 7mm mag fast and flat he was watching us at about 600 put the crosshairs down the center of his face and across the base of his horns thought it would hit em in the neck but it hit me in the corner of his left eye dropped like a bag of dirt but wasn't worth mounting after that
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    rock chucks

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    Runout with a Redding Bullet seating die W/Correct VLD seater

    Had the same problem went to a Forster seating die problem solved
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    When is enough, enough.....

    When I was shooting high power matches across the corse at 200 yds off hand scores where 190s best was 198 off hand no scope but when it came to sitting and prone I sucked loved to shoot em still was fun for me. After a few shoulder surgeries my high power days are done now it’s bench rest and...
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    Caliber choice for prairie dogs

    I have shot the hell outa rock chucks and picket pens .223 pens are small but chucks out to 600
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    When is enough, enough.....

    It seems there is no end but my wife would disagree lol. This very subject came up bout a week back not a bad back just a week ago anyway she was working out in the basement and unfortunately I left the safe open not only was she surprised on how much I had accumulated over the years she found...
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    Sierra Game King

    I was using game kings in my 7mm mag and they where spitzertip (lead) with a boat tail and the Sierra match kings FMJ boat tail but haven’t bought either for some time
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    Coyotes won’t come in on a call

    We have a young fella around here that was sitting I a bean field calling dogs and shooting em with a 12 ga not sure what call he used but he was shooting the hell out of em
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    Had an accident.

    The only thing I keep on my bench is 2 presses and my powder scale the rest I keep in a couple cabinets take out what I am using then put it away when done powder is in one and primers is in the other bout 10-15 feet away
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    Copper removal from used gun

    I use denatured alcohol when I am done with sweets. Sweets works but it’s some nasty stuff
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    rock chucks

    They are a hardy bunch. I thought I killed every chuck in the county. Wrong they where breeding faster than I could shoot em
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    rock chucks

    My boys grew up shooting picket pens and rock chucks in Wyoming