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    Once fired nickel plated Federal 300 WSM brass

    I have 174 pieces of 1x fired nickel plated Federal 300 WSM brass. This brass is all from factory Federal Premium loads and were fired in a Kimber Montana. $110 + $15 shipped Priority.
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    Manners T2 for Winchester Model 70.

    The barreled action in your photo looks like it has a short action receiver- right? Unlike Tikkas, Winchester 70 receivers come in either SA or LA and have different length footprints.
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    Carbon fiber barrels...

    Would that be Shaen?
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    berger vs ABLR

    Another bullet that you might want to consider is the Federal Edge TLR 155, if you can find some.
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    Who would you have rebarrel your gun ?

    I have a Rock Creek cut rifled 30 cal barrel, 1:10 twist, in Rem Mag contour if that interests you. Win 70 Featherweight barrels in magnum chamberings have a magnum contour, not a Featherweight contour, so the Rem Mag contour should be close.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Nosler - 30 nosler brass

    PM sent.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 300 wsm brass

    If you bought Norma USA brass in the 25 round boxes, I've heard that it's inferior to the European Norma brass that comes in 100-count bags. I've never had an issue with those.
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    30 nolser velocity vs drop chart

    I haven't seen it mentioned on this thread yet, but you should verify the height of your scope over the bore.
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    Barrett Fieldcraft 30-06

    Is this still available? Haha...just yanking yer chain...
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    Not sure that I follow this.
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    BUYER: 300whisper

    Honest and reliable guy - traits that are far too rare these days! Very smooth transaction.
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    Question regarding Model 70 magazines

    Sorry, it's too late in the evening. I should have said, "I'm assuming that your rifle is a 308-family", as in 7-08.
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    Question regarding Model 70 magazines

    I'm assuming that your rifle is a 308, and that you took out the mag block. That's likely to cause feeding issues, because as you noted, now the follower is too short for the magazine. To answer your question, 308-family Win 70's and WSM's use the same magazine spring. I've installed a WSM mag...