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    .243win 90gr ELDX and 95gr. Partition

    The 95 grain Ballistic Tip is what I have used in my 243 Win and my 240 Weatherby. This is a very accurate bullet and is tougher than people think yet expands reliably. Combine the great accuracy with massive internal damage including exit wounds on all the deer I have killed with them, It...
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    220 Swift loads--opinions

    LOL He was a big old hog and they will absorb some energy, especially out at some distance. Gary
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    220 Swift loads--opinions

    Long live the Swift!! Load it like a Swift - that means 55s @ 3800 or higher. It really is tough to beat the old 4064, but 760/H414 gets a little higher velocity for me. I almost always load the 55 grain bullets - Ballistic Tips, Vmaxs, Sierras- whichever shoots good in your rifle. Oh yea...
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    308 165 grain

    I have some Speer 165 grain boat tails(57) and flat bases(53) that I won’t be using. Also have some of the 165s that have moly on them. PM me if interested. Gary
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    No more Wood?

    Wood is still good!! Love my Coopers, they shoot as good as they look. A Jackson Game in 220 Swift and a 223AI next to it. My Custom Classic below I had built in 30-06
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    Want to trade: NIB Tikka T3 lite .243.

    PM sent yesterday
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    StaBall 6.5

    I’ll probably try it in the ‘06, the 6.5, the 243 and maybe one or two others. The accuracy will have to be there or the speed and temperatures insensitivity doesn’t matter. I’m just wondering what others have found. Gary
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    StaBall 6.5

    Is anybody using this stuff? When it first came out it was advertised as being “The ****”. How is the accuracy and are you getting higher velocities as it was advertised? Anyway, I bought an 8 pounder and plan on trying it in my 30-06, probably with 168s. Thank, Gary
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    Nice 6mm Rem

    6mm AI built by Richard Franklin in Va a few years before he retired. Trued Remington action, kreiger barrel, jewel trigger, laminated maple custom made stock with walnut forend and grip cap. I had it built to be a ground hog thumper, which it is but they are just not around as much anymore. So...
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    Nice 6mm Rem

    Can it be a 6mm AI ?
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    243 powder?

    Been using IMR 4350 and 95 grain Ballistic Tips in a 243 for years. Accurate deer killer!!
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    Winchester 270wsm brass

    Its actually 251 ! LOL
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    Winchester 270wsm brass

    Chad, he has a box of 250 once fired Winchester that he bought a few years ago that he would sell. He would like $100 for them. I know he was getting good groups with 130 grain bullets, I think they were ballistic tips but I can check. Gary
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    Winchester 270wsm brass

    I have a buddy that mentioned the other day that he had too much of it. I’ll ask him. Do you want brand new? He said he had a bunch of once fired too. Gary
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Kimber super american (newyork)

    Pics of the 22-250 ?