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    For Sale Zeiss Spotting Scope: 65T-FL Diascope w/ 15-45x Eyepiece

    I have moved up to a bigger Swarovski, so selling this Zeiss. The one and only bull elk I have shot was located with this scope. Therefore, perhaps there is some luck that comes with the scope. Comes with a neoprene jacket/cover. Nice scope for the size and weight. $1175.00 shipped CONUS.
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    For Sale 30 Cal 200gr Nosler Partitions

    200 gr 30 caliber Nosler Partitions. 1 full box and most of a second box - call it 40 ct. $150 shipped CONUS. Contact me through this site's messaging utility. Thanks!
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    For Sale 30 Cal, 200 gr. Speer HotCors

    This is a half box - call it 25ish - $35 shipped CONUS. Contact me through the messaging system here. Thanks!
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    For Sale 7mm 160 gr Speer HotCor

    New unopened box of 160 gr Speer HotCors - 7mm. $75 shipped CONUS. Contact me through the messaging utility here. Thanks!
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    For Sale 7mm 160 gr Nosler Partitions

    I have a new unopened box and a mostly full box - call it 40 ct. Same lots. $150 shipped CONUS. Contact me through the messaging app here. Thanks
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    For Sale 7mm 175 gr Sierra Game Kings F/S

    Mostly full box - call it 90 count. $75 Shipped CONUS. Contact me thru the messaging utility here. Thanks.
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    KUIU rain gear - Size Large - Jacket and Pants

    $360 shipped conus
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    Kennetrek 11.5 Mountain Extreme

    Regular width, great soles, not new, but plenty of good life left. $215 shipped Conus
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    Sitka Ascent Pant In 34R

    Man - every time I need pants they are all 32’s.... 34s is what all the kool kids wear...
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    Sitka Ascent Pant In 34R

    Howdy - I wore these one day - opening day - and shot a nice 5x5 elk! $125 shipped conus - I’ll also include all the remaining good luck at no extra charge!
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    Hornady ELDX Performance

    My dad can beat up your dad
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    Hornady ELDX Performance

    I’ve been pushing 162 Amax out of a few 708 rifles anywhere from 2600 fps mv to 2800 fps mv. They are awesome on white tail. Always drop, worst tracking was about 15 yrds. 1 in 4 deer is half field dr
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    7mm/08 AI velocity confirmation

    I shoot 708 and have two rifles. Neither improved. My two best loads right now are over Ramshot Biggagme. 120 NBT at 3185 fps from 22” bbl 162 Amax at 2809 fps from 24” bbl With both rifles I am running Lapua “Palma” 308 brass that I have necked down in a 708 NS die. For primers I am using...
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    7mm-08 and 160 Nos Partition - Experiences?

    A bit of a sideways observation: I’ve been hunting with 162 amax over big game and getting a tad over 2800 FPS. Blows the fool out of some chest cavities. And goes a long way real straight .