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    Explain This Please

    One more vote for no mans land.
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    BAT Actions

    I have a couple BAT actions and they are exceptional. Small company that is family owned.
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    Anyone tried Reloader 15.5?

    I had not heard of it until now, but am curious to see what people get for results.
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    Federal 215 vs cci 250

    At 200 yards with 338LM.
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    338 lapua priming tool

    21st Century Shooting offers a very good one. Uses Lee shell holders and has a click adjustment for primer seating depth.
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    Flattened primers acceptable pressure sign?

    A slightly lighter powder charge may not really change your MV/SD/ES but will make your brass live longer.
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    2 shots touching with one flyer possible answer

    Thank you for this post. I have a friend who has the same problem with one of his rifles...I will pass this along and see what he finds.
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    AMP Annealer Setting for 300 RUM

    You will not be disappointed!! And yes, Alex is awesome to work with!
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    AMP Annealer Setting for 300 RUM

    Coyote Shadow Tracker I agree with everything that you said except ...."and don't have to sacrifice another piece of brass for that particular Brass/caliber." Different lot numbers from the same manufactures will usually require different annealing codes. That has been my experience.
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    PRIMERS: Magnum or Standard for 6.5 PRC

    Your rifle will answer your question.
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    Million dollar idea!!!!

    Guess it's not too hard to figure out what I hunt with. My opinion is that a "primitive weapon" should be the only type of weapon used in a primitive weapons season. No in-lines, no compound bows, etc.
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    Tweaking bc’s

    Accurate MV will give you a accurate rifle out to about 650 yards. Beyond that it requires a accurate BC. BC is best developed within 10% of the range at which your bullet goes transonic. When truing the BC if you are hitting high, raise the BC. If hitting low, lower the BC. BC has to be...
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    Carbon ring

    Carbon ring will give bad pressure spikes! Are you seeing that.....??
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    Best low light glass?

    I would recommend the ZCO 4-20. Pricey, but you get what you pay for.