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    2- Douglas Barrel Blanks: 7mm & 30 cal

    I will take the 7MM per PM
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    Sheep mount back.

    Nice job on the ram and the pedestal.
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    My custom built 300wsm

    360-825-2625 [email protected] Give them a call or email them and ask them what it should sell for since they built it. If you don't hunt elk sell it.
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    Sand bags or bipod for load development

    I like sandbags at the rear and a front rest.
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    How many rifles does your wife think you own?

    She only knows that when I am gone she will have plenty of cash, unless my best friend gets in the gun room first.
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    DPMS Sweet 16 trigger

    Buddy has a Timney drop in for his AR. Breaks about 3 pounds but is a single stage trigger. Large pin are for Colt AR15's. Small should fit the DPMS
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    Best boots

    You were right about the crispi's being skinny. Had to send them back.
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    Best boots

    Do the Crispi D width boots run small or are they true to the size on the width?
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    2 Barrels and a Flash Hider

    I will take the flash hider per PM's
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington and Tikka stocks

    I will take the B&C stock per text messages with Tanner
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    You could try this forum and see if they have an answer.