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    idaho whitetail unit 6

    looking for any Information anyone is willing to share. will be staying with a friend. hes a newish resident. any private land that allows access? places to concentrate efforts?
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    6.5 prc.... curtis or defiance ??

    what are the pros and cons of each action? ive only been able to play with a curtis for a few rounds and was very pleased and impressed with how smooth the bolt ran. bolt throw was nice, and the dlc coating was very impressive. will be a lighter weight hunting rifle. what are your guys...
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    load tunjng advise needed

    using a magnetospeed for a chronograph as well
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    load tunjng advise needed

    Redding bushing dies, micrometer seater. nothing too awfully special. I've never had issues with great groups throwing horrible es.. I know it happens, but I've been lucky to never have it happen until now.
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    load tunjng advise needed

    there were a couple that were way out... I'd have to look at the shot archive again to be 100% sure
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    load tunjng advise needed

    doing load development and printed a .191 group for 4 rounds with fire formed brass. put load over chrono and ES was 55 fps.. any tips on okay I should try? Norma brass, fire formed. shoulders bumped .002. .003 neck tension 264 win mag 140 vld hunting 74 gr R33
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    Jewel trigger for r 700

    Have my jewel trigger indent need anymore.. after a few years of it, I decided to try a trigger tech. This one needs a new home. Sitting at about 1.5 lbs. Came off of a tried 700 264 win mag $185 shipped
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    Barrel length for a new .264 Win mag Build

    26" is all you need... you can get more with a 28" tube but do you really want to carry it?
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    It works good... I ruined a bunch of bullets. Still Mark's a few of them but I complained on their Facebook and was told that u need to grab the handles and pull them apart. I couldn't get mine to even work on 30 cal bullete when it was new.. And it still hurts my hands a little
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    Any reason to switch to 6.5 elite hunter over vld hunting

    I'm seeing a lack of 500 ct boxes for sale online and almost appears as if the match vld hunting line is being discontinued?? The few boxes I've seen are marked down as clearance and with bergers super slow production rate I find that a little odd. Curious if I should switch out to the elite...
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    What Rain Gear for Oregon elk hunting?

    The Yukon has neoprene cuffs.. and I think it's just rated a little better for how well itll stay dry. The Yukon might have a couple more pockets as well in the pants and jacket
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    What Rain Gear for Oregon elk hunting?

    the Yukon is a little heavier.
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    What Rain Gear for Oregon elk hunting?

    I've had my shirt cuffs get a little damp under the neoprene cuffs of the Yukon jacket... but only because I've spent the entire day in a downpour wearing it... there is literally not a single jacket/pant on the market that will keep you dry if you move in it. None. I spent 10 years fishing the...
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    Acceptable build time

    Just curious what everyone's thoughts are on acceptable time frame for a build if you walk into your gunsmith with ALL parts required for the build?

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