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    7-08 Help

    Nothing official, but the NY Outdoor News ran a piece on other proposed legislation and mentioned that it’s probably just a matter of time. The DEC has already been recommending lead alternative bullets for a few years now. I just started getting into this a couple months ago, managed to...
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    7-08 Help

    I'll be running Big Game powder with 140gr Partitions or 120gr TTXSs for hunting loads. Rem 700 SS Mtn Rifle hasn't been picky with factory fodder so I'm optimistic I can come up with something suitable. I'd planned on sticking with Partitions and Ballistic Tips but the buzz is NY will be going...
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    What’s your five? 5 Calibers to do it all...

    In late and not reading the whole thread but here goes. Operating highly on availability of ammo and components. Normally. .22-250 Rem .243 Win .270 Win .300 Win Mag .45/70
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    Hornady 243 Win 100gr Load Data

    My book agrees with jrock's numbers but does show 29.4gr of IMR4064 @ 2500fps before 31.0gr @ 2600fps.
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    Anyone have Christensen Arms Mesa?

    I'm considering a Mesa in 7mm-08 myself, I can't get my hands on one to check out either. What do the stock ergonomics compare to? Specs on these seem like a decent buy for what's listed, assuming good quality then fit/feel is my main hold up.
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    Powder Storage

    Right now primers are kept in an old wooden ammo box with the various bullets I have. Powder is in a plastic tote on the other side of the room. One jug comes out of the tote at a time. The man cave is a finished section of the basement, I keep a fire extinguisher in the other half near the...
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    Y’all Ever See This?

    My son's m700 mtn rifle in 7mm-08 shoots factory 120gr TTSX and BT's to the same poi and factory 140gr E-tips, Partitions and 139gr Interloks to the same poi 2" right of the 120's. At least it's consistent for factory load bullet weights. I've just started rolling my own so we'll find out if I...
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    Hard to believe part 2 the answer

    Ok, I know I’m new here but pmacc is use to this kind of thing from me. No offense guys.
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    Thinking of reloading

    I've yet to seat a bullet but have managed to gather the tools and components needed the past two months. Right now I'm sitting on over 350 prepped cases in four chamberings and just put together load data on spread sheets last night. It's been a thought out process that I'm taking my time with...
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    Hard to believe

    Thanks for the kind words. Your knowledge of the math involved is the difference with this one, no way to get around that without getting busted. Things may be toned down for awhile I’d guess. I’ve been poking around in here a little for a few weeks now, finding this thread pushed me into...
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    Hard to believe

    I'm a longtime member of the forum Pmacc is referencing, he's the reason I signed up here. The guy in question comes up with these tales on a regular basis but adds enough technological background to sound like he knows his stuff. It's hard to tell if he actually expects people to believe him or...