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    For Trade Atlas CAL

    Pm sent!
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 30 cal carbon blank..

    What brand is the blank?
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    6mm brx go/no go guages

    Just like the title says, wtb or rent 6mm brx go/no go guages. Thanks!
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    Remington Ultimate Muzzleloader Ignition Cases

    I have a bunch of primed ignition cases for the Remington Ultimate Muzzleloader for sale. -4 unopened bags of 24 cases -1 opened bag of 37 cases (new cases, I combined two open bags) -1 bag of 30 cases that have been fired 1x Midway had them listed for $20 per bag. I will sell them all for...
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    Lane Precision Ultimate 300 Norma

    This is one of the baddest guns I’ve seen on here. Good luck with your sale!
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    Year end sale!

    Pm sent
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    2019 Sask. Whitetail

    Awesome buck! I would love to see that video!
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    Manners EH1

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    Manners EH1

    No flush cups.
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    Manners EH1

    Only possible trades I’m looking for is toward a nf nxs 5.5-22 in moa. thanks!
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    Anyone have pictures of Manners Elite Tactical Arctic Camo?

    Pictures don’t do these stocks justice. They look much better in person. This should look similar to what you are trying to achieve.
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    Manners EH1

    Apologies, this is for a Bartlein rem varmint/sendero NOT a Bartlein heavy varmint contour. Corrected in op. I don’t believe the proof sendero will fit without opening the barrel channel.