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    .270 win help

    my .270 loves imr 4064 with 47.5 gr. 130 gr sierra gamekings
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    Klamath Falls here
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    unit 36 Idaho elk

    thats the sad thing....I already purchased a "B" tag for the sawtooth, it looks like I am stuck hunting in one of those units... thats what I get for not doing better research before hand I guess....
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    unit 36 Idaho elk

    hello from southern oregon.. could anyone help point me in good direction to head in this unit ?? I have hunted elk many years in Oregon , thought I would try to venture out to a new area... thank you
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    Klamath Falls here
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    hello from south central oregon

    I purchased a general b tag for the Sawtooth region for elk this fall...this is the first time I have ever tried to hunt in Idaho. any info would be a big help to me, I am wondering about the 36 unit mostly.....thank you..