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    6.5 prc with eldx on game

    I agree, I think it would do fine on and Elk and that’s what she took into the woods this last season. Unfortunately we didn’t get to test the theory. However, after looking at the bullet in the hog, im think im going with something a little more sturdy for Elk (AB, ABLR or LRX). I don’t...
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    6.5 prc with eldx on game

    My wife took a whitetail and I took and Axis and a hog with ELD-Xs in a PRC, all DRT. The little 40lbs hog caught the bullet on the far side hide and there wasn’t much left of the bullet with a complete cup/core separation. In comparison, at the same time, my dad took about the same size hog...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED First Lite and Scentlok Weight Loss Sale

    Congrats brother, it’s got to feel great selling stuff that no longer fits.
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    Scheels has 30 cal 180gr AccuBonds in stock online

    check the site again, I just got a couple
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    US 869 and Titegroup In Stock

    1 pounders in stock at Hodgdon
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    Ar15 caliber that uses large rifle primers

    I’d go with the Grendel. There’s a lot more 6.5 bullets out there than 6.8s. I fireform 7.62x39 brass, but my PPU brass is also large primer. If your real adventurous, look into the .358 Yeti. It uses worked .308 brass and is an absolute hammer.
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    WTT Berger .264" 130gr VLD Hunting

    I’ll trade you. Sent you a PM
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    Trade 6.5 prc brass for 7mm Rem mag.

    I’ll take them. PM inbound.
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    Arrows for sale

    Ok thank you. I believe those are the aluminum HIT inserts, unfortunately to light for my setup.
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    Arrows for sale

    Do the Easton Axis have inserts, outserts or half outserts? And what’s the weight of the inserts?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Trade 140 gr Accubond

    I completely understand, thanks Scott. I’ll keep an eye out for LRXs for you.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Trade 140 gr Accubond

    I’m with CBass, let me know if your interested in selling, if CBass doesn’t buy them all. -cheers
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    SOLD/EXPIRED AGC hybrid new

    I’ll take it. PM inbound.