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    Which load?

    groups are similar . jump is better velocities , sd is better by a few , id test a few seating depth , i dont see a reason to jam em and risk issues if a 10 jump shoots same groups with better sd
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    utah SCI conservation vouchers auction

    utah -- if you are non resident may want to check the state license fee before bidding
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    sci utah conservation vouchers

    there was a couple turkey tags in here Bidding Closes Sunday March 29, 2020 at 5:00 PM Mountain Standard Time
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    For Sale Redding Shell holder sold

    if nooch doesnt i will ,
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    Head separation on my brass

    id like to see that too.
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    how far from the extractor groove does a rifle bullet protrude from the chamber

    definitely an odd measurement to need .. look up the saami drawing for the cartridge to are asking about
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    vibration speeds through differnt metals

    thanks for posting those links , some guys post things like , "my 300wm has a node at" and it seems there are implications that all 300wm will have that same node ... id guess if you had a 1000 rifles chambered all the same cartridge , the case capacity alone with give you a likely average a...
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    vibration speeds through differnt metals

    id like ro learn about vibration wave traveling speeds through different material ,mainly barrel material to try to understand "why" .. one rifle will have have a differnt node than another so i ask...
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    Have some 308 once fired Brass. For the asking!

    probably should put those details in a private message
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    Signs of pressure?

    this type of post pops up at least once every month and its allways a r700 .. ejector marks and swipes is what you are looking for .. get a magneto speed and check velocity of your workups and youll never have to wonder
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    Remage how to?

    super easy
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    Signs of pressure?

    why again does the r700 make too big of a firing pin hole ?? certainly could have a little tighter tolerance there , dont ya think my guess is so that all new reloaders come make sure they are safe ;)
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    Case Neck Separation. Why?

    ive had facory brass be annealed bad from the get go .. extacted from the shoulder down only left the neck in chamber .. its important to anneal down the body some (1/4" ish ) lower than the body shoulder junction too thin of necks can be over annealed at the neck and not enough at the...
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    Case Neck Separation. Why?

    20$ rcbs univesal deprimine die ..
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    Video On Bump sizing cases.

    i didn't read read through the whole thread yet .. but .. at 2:15ish into the video he shows a cartridge laying in the chamber. the extractor plunger spring would have taken up that slack and those shoulder angles would be touching and centered putting the gap at yhe back ... although i...