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    What age do you think kids should start shooting?

    I started my daughter at 5 years old, but that's when I started dating he mother. I didn't start her with a BB/Pellet gun, I took her down to Sportsmans Warehouse and let her pick out her pink laminated Cricket rifle. Needless to say he'd bio dad wasn't happy, but I taught her anyway. She...
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    Savage small shank Bartline 6.5 Grendel barrel, PT&G bolthead, and 7.62X39 magazines.

    It's yours when you're able I'm in no hurry. I figured it was a bad time to sell, but a lot of people also might have time and a little money on their hands.
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    Savage small shank Bartline 6.5 Grendel barrel, PT&G bolthead, and 7.62X39 magazines.

    Magazines are sold. $300 for barrel and bolt head.
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    Savage small shank Bartline 6.5 Grendel barrel, PT&G bolthead, and 7.62X39 magazines.

    I have a small shank 26" Varmint contour 1:7.5 twist Bartline barrel chambered in 6.5 Grendel, with PT&G complete bolt head. I'm guessing it's chrome moly with a matte black finish. It measures .890" at the muzzle, and it is not threaded at the muzzle. I bought this barrel used recently, so I...
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    Savage models

    You'd need a three digit model, preferably with a magnum bolt face for the PRC. Finding a Savage in .375 Ruger would make building the PRC pretty easy. I don't know enough about the Sherman cartridge to inform you.
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    Savage models

    The Axis does use the standard small shank barrel. However, if I were looking for an action to build on I'd look for a newer production short action with the 4.40" action screw spacing, as you will get the widest variety of aftermarket stocks and chassis for that action. This will also be...
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    Savage models

    Savage has confused people for years with model numbers, small action screw spacing, staggerfeed, centerfeed, and barrel shank size. When I posted my list, I was basing it off the models of the last 15-20 years not going back to the beginning of the 110. I think that's why they've simply gone...
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    Savage models

    I had to go back and look at the archives on Savage Shooters. I had it wrong! Savage 10/110 were more tatical or LE models. Savage 11/111 were hunting rifles with sporter contours. Hope that helps, but I can't help you with the DBM with the side release.
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    Savage models

    The model numbers also used to tell you what you were buying. 10/110 - Was the basic model usually blind magazine cheap wood or synthetic stock. 12/112 - Varmint/Target configuration of rifles. 14/114 - American Classics with nicer wood stock with ebony tip and higher grade bluing. 16/116 -...
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    Savage barrel

    I'm sorry, I didn't read your post correctly, the barrel I was talking about is a Magnum contour .22 CM. Please disregard.
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    I guess it's a Grendel!

    Thanks, I'll give the Hornady Black a go. I don't currently have alot of time to handload, and would rather spend time pulling the trigger. I'll be shooting factory for awhile
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    Gun writer statements that are no longer applicable or you don't agree with.

    Ft-lbs of energy needed to kill elk or anything else.
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    Best Bullet Choice for Long Range Antelope 243 Win twist 1:10

    I'm all in agreement with needing 1800 fps for most bullets to expand properly at impact. I've been killing things for far too long to ever think 1100 ft-lbs of energy should ever be a rule. IME rarely does 1800/1100 ever line up at the range of the game I'm shooting happens to be standing at

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