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    El 12x50 Bino tripod adapter?

    Great idea on the kydex! 2 Questions: 1. Do you slide in from the front or 'snap' down in from the top? As long as they don't slide around it looks pretty bombproof! 2. Can you still fit them into a bino harness while in the kydex? Personally I'm running the Outdoorsmans stud in my 12s (and...
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    EH6A + Proof Sendero

    Looking for thoughts and/or pics from those who've done it with a Sendero Lite or preferably an actual sendero contour. Only able to find a few sendero lite examples and one possible example of a eh6a + sendero on snipers hide. I've seen the website state Sendero Lite but then literature and...
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    lightest barrel fluting pattern

    Do you mean the cuts that remove the most weight? I was told the wrought iron wouldn't remove as much material as deeper cut spirals especially toward the radius where they can cut deeper. Wrought still looks BA though
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    Want To Buy Orange Kick EEZ Pad

    Would like a new orange Kick EEZ pad-- can't find em on their website anymore and haven't heard back from the company.
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    One “Do it All Cartridge” - All of NA

    Building it right now-- Borden Ti Action, Proof 24", Manners MCST (maybe drop to an EH4), Murphy Ti Rail, TPS Super Low rings, March 3-24 338RUM- planning to run 236gr Hammer Hunters with 270gr ELDX as the other option
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    Tikka CTR magazine

    All great choices-- keep in mind those are all based off a magnum bolt face which means you'll need a bolt swap (not cheap on Tikkas) or find a different donor rifle with a mag bolt face. I think Rockwall Raider on here has built a couple 25sst on Tikkas as well.
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    Tikka CTR magazine

    Good deal! Which cartridge are you going with?
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    Leupold Scopes VX6hd vs VX5hd

    I went through the same process as you did with old VX6 before moving on to VX5HD and VX6HD. There is an edge to the glass quality on the HD models as well as the ZL2 turrets. I believe the eyebox and parallax are better / more forgiving on the newer models as well. The windplex is a nice...
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    Tikka CTR magazine

    There is only one magazine size for the CTR and your COAL will be limited by that (~2.95). Some guys have also fit AICS style mags into the CTR bottom metal but you are still inhibited by the COAL. So if you are running the shorter Shermans you will be ok with that...
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    Light rifle optics

    If you are sticking with a top end magnification of 8-10x the Swaro Z3 series is where you need to be! Nothing else can compare for glass and they are VERY light. Do some looking I'm sure you can find one in your price range and maybe Doug can help you out!
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    Vortex AMG parallax issue

    Hate to hear that!!! On the bright side-- I've used Vortex warranty twice... both times on binos... both times my fault and there were FAST in the repair and return.
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    Vortex AMG parallax issue

    I would describe it as somewhat stiff - but when rotated throughout the range there certainly was not any grinding or rough patch. Have not had any parallax issues with this scope. Compared it to a NIB VX6HD-- felt about the same- stiff but rotated without any 'textured' feeling. Compared it...
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    Vortex AMG parallax issue

    Have not had that experience with my AMG
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    Lightweight stock

    All good choices and all will be within 2-3 ounces of each other- although I bet Manners can get that EH4 pretty light with a 1/2" pad. The McM Game Scout has a narrower forend-- I fit a Proof Sendero Lite into one and can send you the pics-- the Warden is supposed to be wider and more...
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    Lightweight stock

    The Mesa Altitude (made by AG) is going to come in around 27oz and be almost an exact match of the Manners MCST for dimensions-- very nice stock and a good value.