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    What sling for new Ar-15

    Stay away from 3 points. You will end up entangled more than shooting. Combine that, and the ability to bust yourself in the genitals and you would have what I would envision with that OSS sling.
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    New member from North Carolina

    I think "crazy" would be one way to describe it.
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    New member from North Carolina

    Welcome from Winston Salem, NC.
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    What sling for new Ar-15

    Blue Force Vickers Padded. It's without a doubt the best I've tried.
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    NRA Announcement

    I thought they handled it with class, and have from the get go. I liked his message, but also believe the only people that heard what he has to say, were those that listened. How about the thousands of service members that are back home, but are having difficulty finding meaningful employment...
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    New member from western NC

    Thats a beautiful area. I'm going to send you a PM about some longer range shooting opportunities.
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    A Buck to be Thankful For

    Nice job. Thats a pretty one.
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    New member from western NC

    Welcome to the board. I'm a carolinian, like you, and like you I found this place while searching for load data. I also have an appreciation for the M&P15, mine will go 10 for 10 on 4" plate a 400 yards with nosler 69g custom comp hpbt using my trijicon accupoint 1-4. I've shot it to 500 on...
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    funny story.

    You might need to stop by the ATM on the way, and get the man his money. Be careful what you ask for, smoetimes you get it.
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    "Punishing Steel At 1 Mile"

    Very cool vid, and nice shooting.

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