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    300wsm Bullet Selection

    What game do you intend to hunt on a yearly basis with this rig?
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    Analysis paralysis

    Slam dunk plain old 06
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    May Try WY Antelope

    In no particular order any of those rigs will work (we use a 22/250), for sure score as many doe tags as you can (once you get them cleaned out, hang, skin, put the quarters on ice until you get home. Life's short, go hunt....Now!
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    Tikka...but which one

    Im not sure I would say the lite isn’t as accurate, it’s just a totally different rifle then the CTR and most (pretty much everybody) isn’t going to shoot a very lightweight rifle as well as something with some weight to it. The Lite is simply harder to drive. Bingo, but all the same if it...
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    Considering 6mm x .284 vs. 6mm-06

    Sweet! What twist are you running?
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    5K to spend, best place to go on a guided hunt?

    Gorgeous bruin the Glaciers are, not sure one could find a good outfitter to hunt with for 5K...? And or, if you could would you want to hunt with him if that's all he's charging:(
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    Rechambering 7mm Rem Mag

    NorthMN---looks like you're pretty flush with Big 7's, I'd have you consider going 33 or some kind. 338 WM would be easiest, but if the action was long enough then the .340 Wby is a great one. Course if the action will fit the 340 then one could just take a bigger jump and go straight to the...
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    Seeking Advice Montana Hunt

    I don't quite concur with that, there's a good share of the part of the world that he's talking about that 600 is easily on the table. That is if one wants to do that, good thing about that is that by the time one got to the elk there's a possibility that one won't have near as much to pack out...
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    270wsm hammer hunter 124gr load data

    I was going to venture far off 2nd base and mention this as well. The 117's really perk in my .270, speedy and very accurate!
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    243 For Coyotes, What's A Good Load

    That's a wonderful truck rifle, I had one like that in .308 for a few years that road shotgun. I replaced the stock with a Ti take off. If you can choose I'd say the 70 NBT followed by the 75 VMax. But, in this climate you may need to rock what you can find. I used to shoot the 70 as my main...
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    Seeking Advice Montana Hunt

    First thing Brian is thank you for your service as a police officer whether federal, state,county or city. Funny thing happens every year I hunt as my Remington rifle gains weight,I don't know how but it get's heavier every year or maybe I'm just getting older. A big amen to both of these...
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    Disappointed in non-resident hunters

    Oh yeah, you're cracking me up as well thanks for the laughs. We'll just need to call it a night and let them get back to their thread. All of this because you took exception to me saying the locals can be pia's as well.......enjoy you evening
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    Disappointed in non-resident hunters

    Interesting comment (no need to Bertuzzi me) Tdeyo.............I did move to Montana 43 years ago this August. Moved here when I was 19, picked up all I owned which was some hunting clothes, a 10/22 an old Model 12 and a M77/2, 70. Oh and my $350 1966 Dodge. So yeah I am a Native By Choice, I...
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    Seeking Advice Montana Hunt

    Please keep in mind that should have a wolf tag in their pockets in these units. I've called in 2 packs in this area
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    7mm 168 berger VLD on elk

    Lots of good bullets to roll with. The plain old 175 Sierra BT and or the 160 BT is a killer as well. I've used the 150 NBT a ton load over the years, mainly out of my 7 Mashburn Super. Plenty of BC, accurate, capable killer, and to date I've yet to have one stay in a critter. Some of this...