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    Testing the wife

    Sniperjwt, Over time you will realize that you just passed the test and that she was always listening.
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    Need help with COAL

    hey check out this website for sinclair products. SINCLAIR BULLET SEATING DEPTH TOOL | Sinclair Intl I like this tool and you will need to watch their video. It is very helpful. The main goal is safety. The measurement COAL is very deceiving due to the curvature of the bullets we use in...
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    Howdy from Texas!

    Hey guys and gals, I am looking for a custom rifle that shoots 3500fps, delivers a 180grain bullet with no recoil that is self adapting to the animal I am shooting. Of course I am willing to lug around 5lbs with a 5-15x50 scope that has target centering abilities and preferably a 2 ounce...