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    How much time between shots when shooting for groups?

    I like to wait a full 10 minutes between shots during load development. During that time frame I’ll ‘plink’ with .22 pistols/rifles, pull weeds from the garden, surf this site on my phone, etc...(or just sit there and critique my form/mechanics on the previous shot to figure out why I ‘threw it...
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    Load info for 22 Creedmoor?

    Thank you, Sir! I’m restricted to the powder (H4350) that my neighbor dropped off, unfortunately. BUT, if I decide to get a 22 Creedmoor of my own I’ll have this thread to refer to. 👍
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    Load info for 22 Creedmoor?

    Just a tad high for the Creedmoors. Nice! ;)
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    Load info for 22 Creedmoor?

    Sounds good. Thanks for your input on this, brother! This rifle wears a carbon-fiber barrel (unknown origin to me) and is only 19” long and .932 at the muzzle. I’m quite sure my neighbor lost some velocity when he had his Smith hack the barrel down to that length. BUT, we’ll soon see what she...
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    Load info for 22 Creedmoor?

    Very nice, Sir! Somewhere between 39-ish and 40-ish seems to be the ticket so far. Thanks for your help!
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    Load info for 22 Creedmoor?

    NOW we’re talkin! Thank you, brother......just what I was looking for. ;)
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    A&D FX120i all the way. I went through LRH member ‘CE Products’ for mine (works for Cambridge), but it doesn’t look like he’s been on the site since September 2019. 🤔
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    300win mag load work up

    I’m playing with RL26 in my .300 Win Mag now using Berger 210’s. Velocity is impressive and the node I’m working with is 3030-3050 fps. Didn’t see pressure until slightly over 3100 fps. ^^^^^This for sure^^^^^^^
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    Load info for 22 Creedmoor?

    Sweet! I’ve got RL 26, but I’m not sparing ANY of it for anything other than my .300 Win Mag! So, I’m gonna have to get something going w/ what they provided.
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    Load info for 22 Creedmoor?

    Hey all and happy 4th of July to my fellow LRH members! So, my neighbor has asked me to help him with his new Tikka build in 22 Creedmoor. I’m not sure how he and his step-son went about choosing their components, but here’s what he dropped off to me (besides the rifle) in a basket yesterday: 1)...
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    300 Win Mag 225 ELDM

    Sounds good. I also allow 10 minutes between shots to give the barrel a reasonable time to cool so as to get a ‘truer’ idea of velocity for that particular shot. Magnums generate a lot of heat and warm up a barrel pretty quickly. Good luck, have fun with it and keep us posted on how it goes!
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    300 Win Mag 225 ELDM

    RL 26 has some impressive velocity numbers for sure. The node I found in mine is between 3037 fps-3053 fps for a 210 gr Berger vld-h. I see those ‘velocity anomalies’ from time to time as well and can’t really explain it other than maybe slight differences in the lot of brass here and there? It...
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    300 Win Mag 225 ELDM

    Hey there! I’m about to finish up load development on a .300 Win Mag using RL26 and Berger 210’s. I’ve ran several ladder tests over a Magnetospeed, but I progress in .2 gr increments. I notice your progression is in .5 gr increments. If you’re looking for an accuracy/velocity node you might...
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    #1 shooting tip

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^ THIS for sure. Finding natural point of aim, breathing, proper trigger manipulation and follow through, etc..
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    For ALL the bad juju going on around us today ...

    .....and it’s posts like this that give me even MORE HOPE! Thank you, brother!👍

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