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    Help me pick a new scope.

    Right now cabellas has a awesome deal on Leupold AR 3x9x40 Firedot TMR with milldot 249.99 I bought one yesterday Great Scope for that price. Onsell till fathers day or until the sell out.
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    Need some advice on picking a scale.

    I personally have a older Hornady beam scale and a small electronic scale I like to verify all powder on 2 scales them check about every 20 shells for weight this is for standard loads for accuracy I check each weight.
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    Leupold m5c3 tremor 3

    Brand new m5 5x25x56 tremor 3 35mm tube 3 rotation elev, need to sell asap. text or email 801-920-0405 consider high end rifles 30 nosler etc, s&w short bbl 357, sig or other 9mm like legion, lever action 44 mag, make offers price pretty firm at 1900.00 postal money order. Larue qd rings av, for...
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    Leupold m5c3 tremor 3 $ 2050.00

    Brand new m5 Have larue qd 35mm rings just add 235.00 so I can order for my scope. The m5 hd 5x25x56 is a awesome scope top notch glass and great turrets with 3 revolutions of elevation the tremore 3 is a fairly new rect, You will not be disappointed . Text is best with any questions buyer shall...
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    leupold m5c3 5x25x56

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    6.5 Creedmoor custom build w/ Vortex Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27x56 and accessories

    That is a beautiful rifle. love it almost bought a christensen today for 2800 and thats stretching the dollar. and it was fine until i see your rifle.
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    Leupold Mark 6 or Mark 8

    I just bought a m5 5x25x56 m5c3 h59 ret, And a m8 3.5x25x56 m5b2 h58 ill, planned on selling one if your intrested i should have them late next week I just sent a check for them both are new..awsome scopes.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Trade pending with LightScoutGunne WTT Mk6 3-18-44 M5C2-H59 $1.800

    Could you send some pics,801-920-0405
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    Leupold vx5hd 3-15

    look at gun broker
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    Leupold Mark 6 3-18x44 Tremor 2 M5C2 turrets with extras

    you still have the scope
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    US Optics ER25 5-25x 58mm Mil/Mil with Horus H102

    Nice scope ,dont have that much love the h102
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    Leupold MK6 3-18x44 H59 reticle

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    MY BABY.

    MY BABY.