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    ELD-M/X what’s the difference?

    I have killed several elk with the 143 ELD-X from 220 yards to 510 yards from a 6.5-284 and 260AI, The closest bull was 220, muzzle velocity was 2950 ish. Expansion and complete penetrate, double lungs, clipped the spine. Died in his tracks. The 510 yards bull also dropped at the shots, bullet...
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    New 6.5-284

    I don't see any good use for the 156 outside of target shooting. I have seen first hand where it doesn't expand in deer when impacts are beyond 600 yards at 2815 launch velocity. Haven't seen one expand yet. The 143 ELD-X is so much more friendly. I think the 147 is even better than the 156. The...
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    How many shoot 260 rem for long range and what bullet and rifle do you use ?

    I like the 130 Norma Diamond line bullets. I have since rechambered to 260 AI and love it.
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    “Stop the Hammering!”

    I didn't read through this whole thread but I have built quite a few 6.5-284s. I have used (in recent years) 130, 140, 142 and 143 grain bullets. I have tried many powders. It has been my experience that getting 3000 fps with a a 26" or shorter barrel is not easy to do. Some barrels will do it...
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    Nosler ABLR Testing

    I wasn't talking about the terminal performance but rather the false BC claims and ultra thin jacket that made seating more tedious than normal. In fairness, I never shot anything but paper and steel with them. I suspect they have a very favorable velocity window for long range but they are made...
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    Never had a problem with a Douglass but I have with Hart. I guess they all make the occasional turd, it's how they handle that matters.
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    Nosler ABLR Testing

    The ABLR is the worst bullet I have ever tried. The jackets are extremely thin and I found it hard to get consistent seating depths. The BC when the came out was so optimistic that I felt Nosler should have been fined for false advertising. I would get unexplained fliers in a group- 4 into .5...
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    Berger 6.5mm 156gr EOL Elite-Hunter loaded ammo?

    They are target bullet plain and simple regardless what EOL says. Berger has no idea- I asked them at the SHOT show.. Hunting coues deer with a 6.5 PRC, Custom loaded ammo that shoots .3 MOA with the 156 EOL at about 2840 or so. Rifle is a Proof research Glacier Ti. Every deer we hit at less...
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    Berger 6.5mm 156gr EOL Elite-Hunter loaded ammo?

    We've had good luck with them out to about 550 out of a 6.5 PRC. 750 and beyond they have all been pass-throughs with no expansion. This is a target bullet.
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    Jewell Trigger Failure...went to Trigger

    Trigger I am having problems with is a Shilen trigger. I cannot adjust the sear engagement to an acceptable level. I'll replace it but probably with a 2-stage. I clean all my triggers with a pressurized solvent called Wellworth 'Shop Kleen'. I buy it by the case out of Buffalo NY. I then spray...
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    Kenetrek's leak?

    Maybe some models of Kenetreks are better than others, who knows.
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    Kenetrek's leak?

    I bought some Russel boots at the Sheep show one year, they were nice boots until my dog found them and chewed the top inch off of one of the boots! The leather won't hold up to an Airedale!!!
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    Kenetrek's leak?

    I bought a pair directly from Kenentrek, Hard scrabbles. The sole fell off the 2nd or 3rd time out. They replaced them. The sole fell off the second pair and they leaked. I sent them back and they accused me of drying them out by a fire. I explained that I don't even HAVE fires when hunting...

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